They all laughed. They are not laughing now.

Ten Years Ago, an American Evangelical Christian wrote a book called

America's Last call: On the Brink of a financial holocaust.

In this book, this American Evangelical Christian wrote that:

There would be a meltdown of the US Bond Market.
There would be a real estate meltdown
America would lose control of its economy.

He also wrote a lot of other contentious and unpopular things, but for now, lets just focus on the economy.

There are a lot of people around who would stop reading at "American Evangelical Christian"

At the moment, it is in the interests of those who hold the reigns of global hegemony to make believe our present financial crisis can be resolved within a Western Capitalist model. And yet, they are reduced to printing money. And borrowing against non-existent futures.

They will tell you that they are addressing the problems and are at this moment, in conference with world leaders to arrive at a consensus. And yet, they are secretly asking the Army if they are prepared to open fire on British Citizens.

They will tell you they see the green shoots of recovery.

Evidently, a lot of people are still listening to them, believing them, investing in them. The Western world bought into the chimera of prosperity because it suited them -

We saved the World (Gordon Brown)

Professing to be wise, they became fools. (The Bible)

These days, it is wise to climb over the parapet and, to use a sixties phrase, "see what's going down".

And sometimes, just sometimes, wisdom, for want of a better word, comes from the places we used to know and used to believe in.


Cynnie said...

the world is scary...
but when i think about it ..
it is our own fucking fault.
My family came out of the mountains ( NC usa)in the early 20s or so
when the depression hit we went back up the mountains to wait it out, cause being poor was nothing up there.

my great grand mother raised 8 kids in a 2 bedroom house ( boys slept in the barn)
I was raised in an old farmhouse with 4 sisters and during the winter we shared a bedroom..
Americans now feel that bigger is better..more is better..
having stuff is better..not more land which is wiser..more house ..
people have these tiny lots with a huge house on it
no one is raising animals or veg. and fruit.
we're just buying..
its so stupid and short sighted.

Anonymous said...

The financial system & western capitalist system since the 1980s have been built on a house of cards. It's crashing down. You can't have a system of capital with no industrial base. perhaps we needs Marxism minus the hostility to Christianity. And perhaps Christians, especially in America should stop backing reactionary right wing parties like the Republicans. We're in uncharted waters right now.