Damian Green - Civil Servants Sexed up Dossier

Now, I wonder where we have heard that before?

Damian Green, the front bench opposition MP, was arrested and detained for nine hours at the behest of New Labour, who it now transpires, connived with Civil Servants to send a dossier of exaggerated claims to the police about Green's involvement in leaks.

The Telegraph reports:

A report by the Home Affairs Committee said that civil servants exaggerated the damage and threat to national security caused by the leaks as they urged police to launch an investigation.

Mandarins were accused of using "hyperbolic" language in a letter to Scotland Yard which claimed "considerable" damage had already occurred because of some of the leaks.

Where will this rotten shit end? The Home Affairs Committee report is couched in as strong a language as is acceptable in such things

"We think it was unhelpful to give the police the impression the Home Office leaker(s) had already caused considerable damage to national security."

Concludes the report. More Ratfucking. More lies. More Spin, and it is now woven into the fabric of the higher echelons of the Civil Service, who have a legal mandate to remain neutral. In an unprecedented action, Parliament was raided by the police, Green's office was ransacked - all with the collusion and approval of the Speaker, Michael Martin. This whole episode stank from start to finish and now we know the truth - that it was an act of political terrorism.

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