Dan Hannan's speech to the Tories

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This is Dan Hannan's recent speech to
Conservative Party Spring Forum about Europe, courtesy of Tory Bear. (Apologies for the adverts and the poor quality.)

He is a remarkable speaker, though - a sneaky thought - he reminded me of someone's speech patterns; Hitler's actually!

Hannan should be leader of the Conservative Party. At least then, you could vote for an identifiable agenda, one that meant a radical departure from Blair Lite, which is what the Tories are peddling at the moment.


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I bet BlairLite is ousted before the general election!

strapworld said...

Rab..sadly I doubt it!

The Blair Tribute Act will carry on looking and sounding like Blair...not giving us a clue where he stands on the EU.- on anything really! I read at the weekend that his wife controls him- just like Mrs Blair controlled Tony! The likeness is almost complete.

Hannan is the future. I believe we are about to enter a Heath/Wilson time of fluctuating between one party and another.

It will not be Labour and Conservative, indeed I am of the opinion that the Lib Dems will do considerably better than the polls suggest and become the official opposition.

We all are aware that Lib Dems have been very effective in Local Government, they could build on that experience and I believe people will like to see them in government.

I think Clegg is proving to be very effective-leading the MP's expenses argument quite effectively, and doing more in Parliament highlighting the problems of equipment and our troops and the Gurkha campaign!

(IF the release of the receipts is as bad as forecast, I believe it will hit the Conservatives as badly as the Labour Party- then the Lib Dems will begin to climb up the polls)

So the next six years could see an Italian situation of General Elections almost every two years UNTIL Hannan is given his chance!

No more Labour Governments!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Strapworld, you are old and wise. Rab - we have the alternative of the SNP. Not necessarily everybody's cup of tea, but a lot better than Labour. They won't get rid of Blair Lite because it would be like handing Labour a year's subscription to Playboy; they would be rubbing their hands with glee (or KY, if you take the analogy too far)

I like the idea of a bit of volatility, a bit of uncertainty and a bit of deals having to be done. The SNP cannot get away with murder - they have to pursuade, haggle and convince and it's no bad thing. Shitty ideas like all that spying and ID cards would not see the light of day.