Flicking the Mirrors

What else do you expect on Budget Day? I expect

  • Fake "Green" taxes. (Air Passenger Tax - It was hinted initially that the revenue would go to Green Projects. Instead it went straight into the Exchequer)
  • Increase in VAT. Not really a surprise.
  • Increase in Booze and Fags. Such an easy soft target, hardly anyone complains.
  • Increase in Fuel Duty.

These are the obvious ones. But Watch Out! There's a Thief About! Labour Budgets are stealth tax budgets. The real cost to working, private sector people will be the stuff nightmares are made of and will only become obvious later. Council Tax has doubled under Labour. NI contributions will certainly rise. The only people who will benefit are Labour voters who depend on public sector non-jobs and the unemployed.

This Government feels it has a right to cripple the working classes with debt and colossal public spending.

Above all, today's budget will be a drab affair from a moribund Government that only knows how to spend.

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Tory Poppins said...

Accurate to the letter. Nothing more to add.