Gordon Brown tries to shut down the European Parliament.

Credit for this story goes in full to Craig Murray. It is just that I had not seen it, until Daniel Hannan mentioned it in passing and I wonder how many people have. It should certainly see a wider audience.

After Hannan's momentus vivisection of Gordon Brown at the European Parliament, Brown, who, if you remember the viral video, smirked like a schoolboy throughout and doodled on a notepad, was so angry that he immediately ordered his flunkies to make sure it does not happen again.

Murray writes:

staff in the UK Mission to the European Union (UKREP Brussels) were horrified to receive an instruction from the FCO to ensure that the situation when Gordon Brown was obliged to hear a speech against him in the European Parliament from MEP Daniel Hannan, could not happen again...

..my friends in our mission in Brussels consoled themselves that Prime Ministerial pique would die down, and with the G20 summit keeping Brown frenetically busy in London, the whole thing would be forgotten. But no! As they opened their offices at 8am Brussels time this morning, there was a missive from No 10, demanding to know what progress has been made.

Read the piece in full here: http://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2009/04/gordon_browns_e.html

Brown and New Labour are doing everything in their power to squash criticism at home and abroad. This is a chilling example of just what Labour are prepared to do to hang on, including shutting down debate in the European Parliament.

Brown is already contemptuous of Parliament and when he does attend PMQs he does not answer questions. My reason for posting this is simple: Brown is already an unelected leader and has no greater mandate than the one given him by the people of Fife. In is disdain for public scrutiny he has a long history of simply not being there when it is inconvenient. Now that he has to be present, as Prime Minister, he has set about making sure that all means are used to neutralise dissent, whether it be from a dirty tricks department or brazen requests to change the processes and procedures of the European Parliament.


strapworld said...

WW. This is quite incredible. BUT when we allow a Prime Minister to act as a Dictator, what else can we expect?

My real concern,WW, is that we will not have a general election next year or possibly not in my lifetime. Sadly I cannot see people rebelling, as long as they have got their Britains Got Talet. The X Factor and so such, they are happy!

God help us.

I hope this is just a bloody nightmare.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Yes, Strapworld, I am inclined to agree.

The General Election can already be cancelled upon the verbal command of a Minister of State, should the Civil Contingencies Act be invoked. The act specifically precludes debate such acts, once the CCA has been actioned.

It would be no surprise to me if this happened, but as Bill Bailey said; Revolution? Nah, no if the Snooker's on.

I still think, with your considerable experience of the Police force, that you might like to speculate on how the ordinary bloke on the beat would react to this. Which way would they jump? Would the military take an opposing view? After all, the armed services have been screwed under Labour.

strapworld said...


I am now a retired copper and have lost confidence in them.

Blunkett changed everything by making Chief Constables sackable. they accepted that by Blunkett awarding them bonuses!

I once stood for parliament ( I received more votes in the local district council elections than I did for Parliament - the country lost that opportunity in a future prime minister!) and at the count a couple of police officers, who knew of me but I did not know them came over for a chat.

Seriouly, I could not understand them-when I had asked about operational problems-it was all jargon jargon jargon. Very much like when I was appointed a Chair of a NHS Trust it was all jargon! It is a New Labour thing I am sure.

I am, though, convinced that we must lance the boil of 'common purpose' which does have a strangle hold on public services!

But, on your main point. It was ever thus. i was at the Grosvenor Square do. That was tasty, I can tell you. I have been at many football matches where the crowd was extremely violent.

Sadly, You cannot just stand there and say "Ello Ello Ello" you have to respond! Your job is to maintain order and that does mean the use of force.