He fell over, didn't he?

Just to make sure that everyone knows what's going down these days, here is a video of a riot policeman assaulting Ian Tomlinson, who later died during the G20 protests.


No wonder the Government wants to prevent people photographing the police.

This is just another episode in the shame of Gordon Brown and his police state.

I am outraged. I also know a bit more than your average punter about the way the police operate. Be in no doubt, the general "attitude" of the police on that day was ordained from a higher authority. Somebody told them to be a bit nasty to the public (Muslims excepted of course), and nasty was what they were.

What we shall get now is another whitewash, another set of noises off "regretting" it. You would expect it is another day of bad news for the Government, but hey, they are past masters at kicking this sort of thing into the long grass. No doubt there will be an "inquiry". No doubt a few low level apparatchiks will appear to condemn it, but the contraction of our civil liberties will continue and anybody who thinks our leaders are a bunch of corrupt, thieving bastards and wants to do something about it will somehow be deemed to be terrorists.

But do you know, you cannot subjugate a nation if that nation does not want to be subjugated? Hope lies with the proles. They can read every email, they can arrest you for saying "nonsense", they can stop you taking pictures of their atrocities, but if you believe in freedom you should fight back now. Our government is now in the hands of corrupt, lying criminals who want to remain in control of your lives. They deserve the full force of public opposition.

"The government will make use of these powers only insofar as they are essential for carrying out vitally necessary measures...The number of cases in which an internal necessity exists for having recourse to such a law is in itself a limited one." -

Hitler told the Reichstag.

Update1: I will take a bet with anybody that the "official" CCTV footage relevant to the Tomlinson death is unaccountably "not available" or "missing".


This, from Andy Hayman: (writing in The Times)

The video of Ian Tomlinson being struck to the ground for no apparent reason looks ugly. Were there other events that preceded this or was the push unprovoked? What is also not known is whether the cause of death was natural or triggered by this apparent assault. Whatever the cause, the commissioner must ask serious questions about the style of policing. If left unchecked we have a more violent crowd in uniform than the crowd demonstrating.

Andy Hayman is former Assistant Commissioner Special Operations at the Metropolitan Police

Daniel Hannan says this:



strapworld said...

I thought we are innocent until proved guilty?

On the face oif the evidence of this tape, it does APPEAR that an officer has deliberately pushed the man to the ground, quite hard. But the man seemed very reluctant to move and what orders were the police under, at that time. It did appear that they were removing people from the street.

Perhaps, the man is not what people are saying? Perhaps he was being obstructive. He certainly does not give ME the impression of a person 'going home from work'

But there again I had only thirty years in the police, I have been on umpteen demonstrations and marches and riots in the Metropolis.

You say you know a little more than others about police practice. From your account the Police are guilty.

I am sure the officer will be identified. The dog handlers are City of London Police so the others may well be=however officers from other forces were on duty that day!

A little caution is advised.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thanks for your contribution Strapworld. I think you need to explain what mindset the police have in which it is acceptable to punish people who protest peacefully?

You know full well that police officers do what they are told to do. The idea that will be mooted that this was somehow aberrant behaviour from one "bad apple" is nonsense. The word from on high was "have a go, as long as they are not Muslims or Black, and teach them a lesson." And that message will have come in turn from a politician who will have said something euphemistic and unattributable but nevertheless pregnant with meaning.

Since when has it been a crime to walk along the street in a casual fashion? You have seen the footage - the man was assaulted. That cannot constitute equal force.

Since when has the policy of "kettling" - corralling people for hours on end - been subject to Parliamentary scrutiny? Since the Judiciary in this country has been nobbled already, people who feel wronged by this procedure are having to take their case to Strasbourg.

The G20 was a purely political event. How do you, as a former officer, feel about upholding the politics of greed and subjugation, on behalf of a man whose only mandate is a from a few thousand people in Fife?

Unlike some, I do not think the De Menezes case is in the same league. I think it was a tragic error. What happened to Tomlinson was a deliberate act of violence, based upon the mood music behind the briefing for the day.

I am not talking here about the "usual suspects". I am talking about people who want to make their opposition clear in a peaceful way. The message, the dangerous message coming down is, "if you protest peacefully, we will make you uncomfortable" and it comes from Number 10.

Anonymous said...

This gentleman HAD HIS BACK TO THE POLICE when he was pushed. He seemed to be minding his own business and basically wandering around, certainly not protesting. The officer wanted someone to beat up and saw him and made for him. Like a playground bully. What is most frightening is the spin operation the police indulged in before hand. Told us anarchists were bent on overthrowing the state, although all they could find in the media was some jerk calling himself professor of something in University of East London. Then even the leftwing media fell for the spin that police were like Mother Theresa on the day, although we could see different. My 4 year old watching the news with me said 'I think police are naughty' when they started to hit people sitting on the floor.
The police is now part of New Labour and cometh the revolution there should be mass imprisonments and sackings - send them all including Gordon Brown and Jacqui Smith to a gulag in Scotland.

Roger Thornhill said...

Let us also not forget that the police force has been conditioned of late by the Rancid Left, so the Lefties all in a lather are being more than a little disingenuous.

Anonymous said...

Until it is generally realised that the WHOLE SYSTEM is now politicised, nothing will happen. The police are and have been for a number of years, the military wing of the ZaNu Labour project.

But, by the time the proles realise what has happened, it will be too late.

Your freedoms will be good for good.