Just another week

Blogging is just not going to happen when the weather's fine.

I have too much to do outside, because, as some of you will know, I have a bit of land, 17 chickens and a personal vendetta against mother nature.

The G20 was not a riot. Street protests are not what they used to be and anyway there is nothing spontaneous or scary about them anymore. As for the "communique" where is all this money coming from? It either does not exist or it will be tax revenue. If you pay taxes you should be very angry indeed.

Lewis Hamilton has taken a knock this week. One of his big bosses told him to tell a lie and like any boy of his age, he deferred to those who are older and wiser. Except that the man he deferred to is obviously a wanker, who has since been suspended. Lewis did what any kid would do in the circumstances and tried not to rock the boat. You cannot make him carry the can for this week's fiasco.

The BBC have been fined £150,000 for the Ross/Brand affair. Where does this money go? From one shitty quango to another. Big deal.

The best thing on TV all week has been Alan Wicker. Alongside Alistair Cooke, a genius.

My new toy is a flame thrower. Since I am an organic gardener, I kill the weeds with a flame gun of mass destruction. It is the dog's.

I made a casserole from wild boar. Wild Boar is extremely gamey and to be honest, although I can eat pheasant till it comes out of my ears, Wild Boar is a taste sensation too far.

This week I was contacted by a couple who had an international number one hit record and a researcher from "The One Show". I have never seen the One Show, but isn't that the one that Carol Thatcher got ratted out on in the Green Room?
And I telephoned an old friend in LA who headlined at the Isle of Wight fest, Madison Square Garden and a world tour on the back of three top five albums, way back in the Sixties. (Just to show you what an amazing world I live in)

Of course this does not happen every week. Mostly I end up talking to the chickens and being a lonely blogger. The day before I was shovelling chicken poo.

I need a bbbbBrandy Alexander very badly but cannot get Creme de Cacao anywhere.

Have a nice weekend.


Tom Pinch said...

"As for the "communique" where is all this money coming from? It either does not exist or it will be tax revenue."

It's essentially a so-called quantitive easing mechanism for the purpose of lending via the IMF.

In other words, smoke and mirrors.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Have a nice weekend too Mr Weasel. I have given the lawn the first cut of the year today and I found it strangely satisfying. Simple things and all that...

Henry North London said...


You can buy it online Im sure they deliver