Phil Spector: "Your Prime Minister is as sane as I am"

Gordon Brown, famous for inventing the Wall of Spin, and considered to be one of finest weirdos in the business, has been declared sane by a leading pop mogul.

At a recent trial, where the defendent was seen smirking like a tit and doodling on a pad of paper throughout the prosecution's brilliant summing up, Brown appeared calm, collected and mad as a chocolate cheeseburger.

Brown, it was revealed, had entertained a faded starlet, Dolly Draper, for lunch, but things got out of hand, according to witnesses. "It was a Red Rag to Gordon", said an anonymous witness.

UPDATE for confused readers:
Sorry folks, I seem to have gotten two separate stories very muddled up.


strapworld said...

I note, WW, that you ignored the essential part of this murder trial. The placing of the loaded revolver(!) in Drapers mouth!

True to form, the trial reporters are restricted, by their editors, from telling the full unexpurgated truth!

Will Brown get the electric chair? (an injection of poisonous fluids could not work, as his body is already full of venomous fluids!) Will be be hung, drawn and quartered? Will he, once again, escape on a technicality?

The truth is out there.

Will Kate now decide to tell the truth of that lunch? (For money? of course.)

WW. Please keep a steady hand, beware of being invited to the woods by strange unsmiling people!

Conand said...

Who can forget those plastic pop classics? :

1: 'It all came from America' - The Deluded
2: 'Real Help Now' - The Spinners
3: 'Hard Working Families' - The Sisterhood
4: '10P Fiasco' - Taxi & The Credits
5: 'Britain's Burning' - The Global Solutions
6: 'No more Boom & Bust' - Idiot
7: 'He would do nothing' - The Straw Men
8: 'Who's McBride?' - Liar
9: 'I sold the Gold' - Idiot
10: 'Cool Britannia' - Faded Glory