Susan Boyle - Cry Me a River

Thanks to Subrosa, who left this comment (moved to here)

Subrosa writes:

Have a wee listen to this. Just came across it. OK I know it's from the Daily Record :) Sorry my other video is a short version.

Thanks a lot. (Cry Me a River is one of my favourites - all time favourites, written for Julie London, whose voice is like melted chocolate on purple velvet.)

This goes to show that Susan Boyle is going to be a fantastic singing star. There has been talk of some sort of "makeover" for Susan. Makeover? She does not need a makeover. The people who need a makeover are those who think beauty is just skin deep.


Bill Quango MP said...

I love Julie London.
Fly me to the moon.
She sings the Jessica Rabbit song too. Why don't you do right.

One of the real spine tingling singers.

Plato said...

She is fab - do you remember Brenda Cochrane [think that was her name] who won Bob Says Op Knocks - she had an amazing voice but seemed to fizzle out.