Weasel's weekend ramble

Disenfranchised is my word of the week. I feel that nothing I do or say will change anything.

The Budget went over my head. Figures are meaningless to me. What I wanted to hear was news of spending cuts and austerity measures. What I think I got was more borrowing and more spending.

I suppose Iain Dale was disappointed he did not win the Orwell Prize, but to be frank, I was surprised he was included because his blog rather defies the arbitrary whims of a few worthies. Iain Dale's Diary is a blogging institution, in the same way that Guido is, and neither of them need a tin-pot prize.

The Mercedes Gull Wing is being launched as a concept car that may go into production. I mention this because the first one is exactly the same age as me. It was the fastest road car of its time. This follows in a recent trend of re-vamping classics, such as the mini and the beetle. However, I shall wait for the new model Citroen DS to come out. Both Mrs Weasel and I would love one.

There has been some criticism of the Government in their handling of Gurkha veterans. It seems they are going to make it difficult for them to remain here. If the French Foreign Legion can offer automatic citizenship to any soldier who completes three year's service "with honour", why can't we do likewise?

Gordon Brown's You Tube appearance may well be the final nail in his coffin. They say a politician can withstand anything but public ridicule. Watching the smiling, gurning, grinning fool trying to convince us he is sincere was truly pathetic.

One of my most interesting reads this week was a piece by Charles Crawford, the former diplomat, Ambassador to Belgrade and Warsaw among other things, whose piece about what he calls Amazon Space and Non Amazon Space really appealed to me. It takes paradigms of sociopolitical organisation to another level. Not only that, it makes sense.

Best news of the week for me personally was that the clunking noise on the roller-skate ( nasty Peugeot 106) was a 50p noise and not a £50 noise, and my garage, forever patient and honest, did the necessary and waved me away.

Worst news was that one of the young weasels was not making the progress they had hoped.

After next week, many things will change for Weasels.

PS UPDATE: Actually I have just seen the new model Citroen DS. It's terrible! In that case we will treat ourselves to a concourse condition old one when I start paying 50p in the pound income tax.


strapworld said...

Dear Weasel, Your experience on the roller skate was similar to mine with my computer.
Last week I lost contact with the world as my internet router was blown by lightning! SKY,my provider sent me a new one immediately and upon receipt I still could not get my internet connection.

I was like a puppet with no strings, I was missing the blogs, and you -in a professional way of course!

I was told the computer needed a new motherboard, I needed a new computer (this one is exactly one year old). That it would cost £250 for DELL to collect and repair and return and £400 for a new computer.

My son suggested that I buy a wireless USB Adapter!! so for £26 I am back in the land of the living.

Still, I have the Llangolln Steam railway running at the bottom ofthe garden! They have a Steam Festival this last week (It seems like twelve weeks) Beautiful Steam Engines running and sounding their bloody whistles everytime they see my cottage! The fields are full of (Twitters is too good a word for these anoraks- TWITS is better!) Still I get £2 a time for the use of my field!

So I am now back!

Sad that nobody missed me!

But I suppose that is what death will be like...gone and forgotten!

Have a nice weekend with Mrs weasel and your weasels.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thank you Strapworld.

What an enormous pleasure it must be to have a Steam Railway at the bottom of your garden. I admit I am a bit of a fan. I am glad you got your puter sorted out. (Check your contents insurance - my motherboard got blown by lightening years ago and I got a brand new computer on the insurance - all legit by the way. I am a great believer in getting local help. It often works out cheaper. Sons (and daughters)can be very useful at times.

strapworld said...

I agree with the qualification 'at times'!!

Dave said...

Steam railway at bottom of t'garden? We used to dream of......

I've just completed a six week tour and one of the musos was amused that I was a steam fan. It seems I have the full set of anoraks.
1. Steam railways
2. Country music.
3. Christianity (albeit highly non-conformist)

Good arguments in teh tour bus though. He still has no answer as to whether he'd prefer living under Sharia law compared to the Judeo-Christian law we sort of have at the moment.

Watched a resplendent Standard5 in BR black on the Nene Valley railway last weekend. Steam heaven

Dave said...

Oh and the new Fiat 500 seems to be everywhere. Is it true that the remains of the UK car industry are planning a relaunch of the Austin Ruby?

Nene Valley Railway said...

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