What goes around comes around

Damian Green has been vindicated. Now it is time to remember again who Gordon Brown is and how he grabbed the reins of power. One of the things he did was to rely on moles in the Government.

Time for the Snot Gobbler to realise the game is up.


Bill Quango MP said...

A bad, bad week for HMG. Have you noticed how the millions Gordy spends to get great publiity for himself are quickly wasted by real breaking news.
The Olympics torch failure, American Idol give-away, The Presidents 'cough' press conference, The G20 grandstanding... all washed away by bad news.
He is the inverse Blair or whatever the opposite of Teflon is.
The super-glue Prime minister! One touch and it sticks..and can't be shaken off.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

He is covered in his own bogies - adhesives NASA would love to get their hands on for the Shuttle tiles.