Why I wont be doing the G20 London Protest

I shall not be protesting over the G20. Well, the main reason is, I live in the middle of some fields in Scotland and marching down the lane shouting "what do we want...when do we want it" to the birds and bees seems a bit pointless.

We have seen that these events tend to be hijacked by the great unwashed; they are generally unemployed, dirty, vegetarian loonies who think everyone should live in a teepee and eat alfalfa. Essentially they are sociopaths dressed as eco-warriors. They have no demonstrable interest in society or a commitment to it, or they would be nurses or librarians or chicken keepers. Their lifestyles are terribly self-indulgent and reflect the degree of freedom to be whatever you want, without the inconvenient truth that the very world they live in is a product of a complex infrastructure that keeps a lot of the less-able in society from being sidelined and protects the rest of us from invasion.

I don't want to join the anarchists. I don't want to ban cars or planes or banks. What I want is honest politicians, genuine democracy and an understanding that we are the stewards of this planet and should look after it.

I am very angry about the Labour Government and what they have done to us, but bringing inconvenience to Londoners will not change anything. I cannot in all conscience be involved with people who plot violence and disruption. My weapons are my words, and the ballot box and my duty as a free man is to expose and ridicule opression and corruption wherever and whenever I can.

In case some are in doubt as to my manifesto, then I suggest you do one thing to change the way things are done in this country - dump your Television and stop paying your licence fee. You will deprive the Government and the loony left of its propaganda arm -the BBC- by starving it of revenue. That would be a legal way to really change things, but oh,I forgot, you love the football don't you?

As Bill Bailey said "Revolution?...not if the snooker's on"

It looks as though a few of the above mentioned arseholes made what was a very legitimate cause for complaint into an excuse to damage property and provoke confrontation. I am afraid they do the cause no good whatsoever.

Nick Robinson's fawning report on the whole day was beyond a joke. He is totally in love with his job, himself, and the establishment. He is a tosser.


Quote from Daniel Finkelstein:

I think that they have looked back at 5,000 years of human history - at pestilence and famine and disease and degradation, at genocide and civil war, at fear and loathing, at bigotry and ignorance, chauvinism and dictatorship - and concluded that our biggest problem is... shopping.

(Very intertextual, very Orson Welles, Danny, and brilliant)


Bill Quango MP said...

Not usually leaping to the defence of Mr Robinson but he did do a nice little bit of mischief today.

When Gordy was looking for a tame journalist he asked Nick, expecting an easy lob to zing out of the park in front of his new 'Bromance'

Instead he got.. The prime minister's always blamed America for this economic crisis. The French and the Germans have blamed Britain and America. "Who's right?"

Bet he wished he'd asked Sky's Stuart Ramsay instead.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thanks Bill. I feel honoured that you read this blog.

I suppose it is too much to hope that Robinson got an answer?