8 things I hate

Tagged by Screech. Out of sympathy.

  1. The woman in front of you at the check-out suddenly realises she is in a Supermarket. She then thinks (after all of her goods have been checked) that maybe, she should look for her purse. Then she realises it is not in her handbag. Whoops! It was in her pocket all the time! Do they still accept cheques? Can they put £20 on a card and the rest in cash? Can an assistant swap this, there is a dent in it? Is this sheaf of vouchers really out of date? Yes madam, of course. Never mind all the miserable fuckers behind you whose Ice Cream is melting. Take your time.
  2. Able bodied bastards who park in disabled parking spaces. Cunts.
  3. Tailgaters. Yes, love, just follow my tail lights and spend the other 95% of your attention on texting Kyle.
  4. Everybody drinking when I am the driver. It is like watching Zombie Nation. Everyone thinks they are being hugely witty. Only you know the truth.
  5. Television (I don't have one because I refuse to pay the licence fee)
  6. Public Urinals. I can barely pee in them.
  7. Poor customer services, call centres, people who say, "computer says no"
  8. Reality Television. What a contradiction in terms that is. Like odourless shit and perfumed farts.

I guess I must tag somebody.

I shall tag Ruth at "Diary of a Mad Gardener" because she is nice and I cannot believe it will be easy for her.

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hangemhigh said...

I like Ruth's blog aswell. And read it most days.
Your list is good.I've got an irrational hatred of drivers who hog the middle lane on motorways.
And hand driers in pub toilets.
I don't get too het up over able bodied folk parking in disabled slots. If the disabled drivers weren't disabled they would park in them aswell.