Be Afraid of This Man

This man is in politics. You may not have heard of him but you soon will. He wants to change our British way of life.

He is an MP and his name is

Adam Afriyie

His maiden speech to the Commons contained the chilling words:

"Friends, I am determined that people should regain a sense of control over their lives. We have had a lot of talk today about civil liberties, and I am determined that we shall continue that push towards civil liberties, towards a country free from unnecessary interference from state and government."

You won't find him in the news over fiddling on second homes, because he has never claimed a penny for one. In fact, his expenses are very low; in the expenses league table he ranks 629 out of 645. His Additional Allowance costs for 2007/08 were


Be afraid of this man. I am talking to you, all the bent MPs who think we owe you a life of luxury. He has ideas you may not want to hear.


subrosa said...

He sadly is now in such a minority and I wonder when even the slightest trust will return to our political system.

Independence Now said...

Just looked at his blog. Heck how come we haven't heard of him before ? Well travelled, keen sportsman and has business awards (young entrepeneur of the year ). I think the Tories have got a winner there.

Appealing of Ealing said...

It's a very pertinent point. He succeeded Michael Trend who, back in 2003 got short shrift from the Standard's Committee for "making improper use of the Additional Costs Allowance" concerning his designated "home". As now, it seems Trend's biggest mistake was to get found out. Perhaps it was his comeuppance that precipitated the conspiracy of silence...that is now unravelling before our eyes.

So yes, I expect Afriyie has already learnt some lessons.

Anonymous said...

Why haven't we heard of him? Because lobby hacks only feed us info they're told to by party whips, leaders and pondlife like Damien McBride.
I heard of him in 2005 when he was elected as Nu Lab called him an Uncle Tom for daring to refute socialist ideas.

manc_ill_kid said...

Why haven't we heard of him?

Well, we hadn't heard of Harold Saxon ( and look what happened