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That's me all over. I make friends and then proceed to lose them. But I tell it as I see it.
Having made a recent, passionate appeal in support of Scott Rennie, I now have the painful task of being not so nice about the gays of Cambridge who have accused the council of not being gay friendly enough.


Pride said the Conservative-run city council was not doing its best to attract "pink tourism" – drawing visitors who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Oh come on. Do just drop it and quit while you are way ahead.

The article continues:

Chief executive Colin Carmichael said it had provided Pride in Canterbury with more than £4,000 funding since 2005 to help identify the needs of the gay community and promote their concerns.

£4000! It is absurd that they are spending that kind of taxpayer's money on any such thing. I really do feel the gays are now tyrannising the weak willed twats at the local council who dare not say boo to them lest they be accused of being homophobic. What a piece of utter gravy granules from the sick simulator.

The Weasel of course is doing all he can to make Weasel Hall gay friendly. I have a whole raft of Abba records, a shelf full of personal hygiene products, which, being straight, I never use and I can buy in some French and Saunders DVDs if you are desperate. My collection of the complete oeuvre (that's your actual French) of Julian and Sandy, from Round the Horne, is available to pink pals for general merriment.

Our wonderful Lothian and Borders Police have won awards for being LGBT friendly, so if you are also inclined to break the law, at least they will treat you like the rest of us. I shall also continue to make sure that my chickens (not a euphemism) are aware of LGBT considerations, though judging by my Cockerel's predilictions, I am fairly confident which side he bats for.


tvwatcher said...

One of the teams in last nights episode of The Apprentice tried to make Margate in Kent a 'gay attraction '. They failed and one of them was sacked. Mind you one of their team ( the one who was eventually sacked )seemed to have 'issues' with gays so wasn't very helpful. Not sure if she was muslim or something. All seemed a bit tense in the boardroom with people being careful about what they said. I know it's all entertainment but when even their ' village idiot' candidate was afraid to speak up about the subject of gay bias from certain parts of our population then it shows how much we are all afraid to speak up.

Anonymous said...

How soon before there's a sketch about the only straight in the village?