Good? I nearly voted Tory

It is possible that DC has caught on to the idea that we are grown ups, with brains, who can spot bull shit.

It is a refreshing piece of work; contrast this with the piece of toss from the Labour party - as fake as gravy granules from the sick simulator - and totally negative and a complete failure to address the issues.

I do feel, however, that he could say a lot more. Immigration is never mentioned by Conservatives. Never. Why are you running scared on it?

If you all bit the bullet and told us the truth about immigration and Islamic Fascism, you might rescue some people from making a voting mistake they may later regret.


troughwatcher said...

I wouldn't count on the Conservatives to improve things. They're fully paid up members of the multicultural, EU ,open border, Common Purpose, anti working class ( remember their massive effort to prevent the introduction of the minimum wage ), pro Islamic rights ( Daves speech about how comfortable he was with Sharia etc ), climate change bollox green policies, pro LibLabCon pact to keep out minority parties.
They were also aggressively against Devolution for Scotland and Wales but jumped at the chance to feed at the trough when it was finally put in place. Watch the antics of Mary Scanlon. Carpet bagging around Scotland to find a way into the trough after campaigning against Devolution ( and the minimum wage aswell incidentally )

subrosa said...

What troughwatcher says is right of course but the Tories have taken the lead media-wise on this expenses business.

Let's not speak about Mary Scanlon.