Hazel Blears' "You Tube if you want to" U Turn

So Hazel Blears has backtracked rapidly from her position over the weekend which placed a shot firmly across the bows of bonkers Brown.


You might say their has not been a chorus of approval for the leather-clad lilliputian.

But, here she is today, recanting like a smouldering heretic at an Auto da Fe.

I can understand why. The Hazel of old was an New Labour speak-your-weight machine; seemingly incapable of talking like the rest of us,merely stringing platitudes together, long enough for the interviewer to get bored and give up. (Clever technique, actually)

She has been mad enough, in the past, to throw £70 million of OUR money to appease Muzzies in fatuous "community cohesion" schemes that did not work and will never work.

"Political blogs are written by people with disdain for the political system and politicians, who see their function as unearthing scandals, conspiracies and perceived hypocrisy," Chirps the Chipmunk and continues about Guido:

"anti-establishment" peddler of "vicious nihilism"

(Was this the same Guido Fawkes who exposed the ""anti-establishment" peddler of "vicious nihilism", Damien McBride, by any chance? The same Damien McBride who used to be Gordon Brown's bag man before he got caught being an "anti-establishment" peddler of "vicious nihilism" (and pure filth)?
Funny, I thought Guido Fawkes did the nation a huge service to truth and democracy. Clearly, I must be wrong according to Haze.)

Yes folks I give you, your friend and mine, the pint-sized political flirt who will take you nearly all the way and then leave you to a lone J Arthur..(on expenses)

Miss Hazel Blears.

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