Real life has taken over the blogging lark

All of a sudden, the creatures who depend on me for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, are taking a lot more of my time. Until recently we had 17 chickens. We now have 15, and one of those is badly injured. Two others have gone broody, which necessitates their removal to an enclose pen, and two others need watching for ailments. Our losses are due to a fox attack. Foxes will tear their prey to shreds. They will kill and maim far more than they need to eat. I am nursing one of my girls back to health; she has survived now for three days, despite being very badly lacerated and crushed. She's tough, but it is still touch and go. Another one, who fell out of the mouth of a fox as I caught it three mornings ago, seems to be doing well. Another simply vanished on the morning of the disaster. It has affected me quite badly this time. Ultimately, if they are sick and dying, I am the one who has to finish them off. Not something I recommend.

But it is better to have lived and loved.

The weather is playing a cat and mouse game with me, making it impossible to cut the grass or do much work on the estate.

Things are now starting to get a head of steam also, in my other bit of life, which is managing musicians and developing promotional tools for them.

All in all, I am distracted and not really able to give this a fair crack of the whip. Please forgive me, but for now, I need to take it easy.


foxhunter said...

Take it easy and thanks for the blogs. I've only recently started reading the online blogs and am now fascinated with all the different views that people have on the same subject. I'll look in regularly to see if you manage to blog.
Good luck with your chickens by the way. I've thought about getting chickens but was never sure of the logistics involved. I always grow plenty of spuds and love egg and chips so I'd be sorted for life.
Maybe the fox hunting bill will be repealed if the Tories get into power and the foxes will get sorted out at last. Or they will be needlessly killed by the unmentionable pursuing the uneatable. Depends on what blog I'm reading !

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thank you for dropping by Foxhunter. If you have time, take a look at some of the fascinating links on my sidebar - to other blogs.

Ruth@VS said...

Sorry to hear about your fox troubles. I hope your hens recover ok.