Who's minding Brown?

Which minder allowed Gordon Brown to be photographed with a Swastika in the background, during a recent visit to a school? Ve hef vays of finding out.

Funnily enough, this has happened before. Some shite "initiative" called "promoting prosperity" (it cost the tax payer£250,000 to put on and achieved nothing) was to be launched by the bogey man himself with this symbol:

When it was pointed out, by several astute bloggers, they quickly removed it and the logo became a random daub of colour:

Ian Dale remarked at the time:
And who says bloggers don't have any influence? The laughable thing was the Labour spinners pretending that the original really didn't look anything like a Swastika. No one has yet been able to explain how it got through the vetting process, or maybe there wasn;t one. Another sign of the chaos that rules in Downing Street, or is another sign of Gordon having the reverse midas touch - i.e. anything he touches becomes a disaster?


Spartan said...

The photographers/cameramen doing this knew exactly what they were doing. The background is as important as the subject in all shots.

The laughable thing is they were allowed to get away with it. Either Brown has no PR staff with him or they are just taking the piss ... as the photgraphers/cameramen were ... and the BBC at that!

Flying Nokia alert!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thanks for dropping by Spartan. I suspect the snappper who took this was wetting himself with glee!

Fidothedog said...

A mate of mine used to take special needs kids out and he has told me of some horror stories involving them doing stupid things.

it must be very much the same thing taking care of Gordon.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Do you think his minders carry a spare pair of pants for him, Fido?

strapworld said...

I am no authority WW. But my first job, in Middlesbrough, was for a shipping company. They were agents for the Indian Scindia Line (I think that was the spelling) their motif on their funnels was the Indian sign for good luck which was a swastika but at an angle.

Now, I may be wrong, and I would not want to pour cold water on a good story, but that one behind our great dictator is at an angle and is therefore the Indian Good Luck sign.

IF Indian ships now sink around the seas of the world- due to Jonah Brown- then I will be proved right!

strapworld said...

Another, more sinister thought, comes to mind.

Common Purpose is very much a nazi operation- that I was told by the man who is doing so much to highlight, what he and many others, consider to be a very dangerous organisation controlled from the EU.

So WW get your jackboots ready and practice your goosestepping, in time to 'Springtime in Germany'

strapworld said...

Sorry WW. But have just visited IRONIES TOO which is run by a pal of mine. I copy what he has just posted:-

Wednesday, May 06, 2009
Financial Times urges Fascism Forwards!
What Shame! I used to read the FT on a daily basis over many years. To read the Editorial yesterday urging effective fascism under the Lisbon Treaty on a pan-European basis is shocking indeed!

The Nazi's are back!!