Why we need a Black Deputy Comm at Scotland Yard

Mike Fuller, currently Kent's Police chief, is on the shortlist for the position of Deputy Commisioner at Scotland Yard. Why do I think we need a Black DC? Because we need someone who will address the realities of the situation in Britain vis a vis the truth about black crime, without the inevitable taunts of "racism". The facts are that more crime is committed by blacks. More stabbings are committed by blacks. More blacks attack whites in racially motivated cases than the opposite. Black on Black crime is out of control. Nobody wants to touch it. In fact the statistics are hard to come by because it is an inconvenient truth that the Met do not want to address.

Fuller has a lot of support. He is liked, he is intelligent and he is no knee jerk black martyr. He recently refused to call the Met "institutionally racist", describing the epithet as "offensive". A commenter on the Police Forum described him as "a gentleman"

It is clear that experiments with minority officers at this level have not worked, mainly because the individuals involved were elevated to high rank for reasons of political correctness, rather than real ability. Not so, I think, with Fuller.

I am not saying he should get the job because he is black. Oh no, not that. But if he can demonstrate the skills and personality needed for this high-profile job, and a determination to tackle ethnic crime head on, I wish him the very best of luck


strapworld said...


I know Mike well. He IS a gentleman. He IS a copper and I wish him every success. To get Kent behind him is no mean feat I can tell you.

Colour should not come into this. I have known bloody good white coppers and bloody bad white coppers similarly the same applies for black, brown and yellow.

What I would like to see is the abolishment of the Black Police Association. The Muslim Police Association. Sikh Association. Punjabi etc etc. Such bodies create divisions and problems. I was sad to see them start-after I had left!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thanks for your comments Strapworld. I have amended the terrible error!

I am glad your inside information backs up my opinion.

Anonymous said...

It will end in tears. Who was that other high flying policeman who resigned recently under a cloud of racial discrimination lawsuits and general bad feeling ? I wish race wasn't an issue and there was no black police association etc. If whiteys tried that nonsense they would be branded racists.

strapworld said...

anon. sadly I have always found that the west indians and gambians are generally, like ourselves live and let live.

The Pakistanis are the complainers, the ones with a massive chip on their shoulders. Pity really because we are all wanting the same things!