Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child, not the Mother of God, the other one, has just bought a kid for £12m.

The Supreme Court of Malawi overturned an earlier decision to require the well known pole dancer and singer to live in the shithole for 18 months before being able to adopt, after she paid out £12million to fund orphanages.

Hey. Just look in your own back yard darling. There is plenty of poverty in this country and you can line up and have to get the approval of the interfering bumptious tossers who farm out kids to those who satisfy their politically correct credentials. They even do them in black.

But hey, black is still the new black, and there is a kind of artistic cachet about rescuing something so exotic, from somewhere that has never heard of you, and changing its life. Clearly this is the must have accessory this year. Cartier watches are sooo chavvy.

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