Muslims rig elections - "it's what we do"

It is now fairly clear that the fair and free election in Iran has been nothing of the sort. With the usual characteristics of such a travesty, such as suspension of cyber communications, incredibly "high" turn outs, bannings of the opposition and a lack of independent verification. The opponents of the man in a dinner jacket are crying "fraud".

Perhaps Shahid "Two Wreaths" Malik would like to comment on whether this turn of events represented

"religious and cultural norms in the Muslim community"

Given the fact that most of the vote rigging scandals in this country have been perpetrated by others of the Muslim faith, I am tempted to suggest it does.


Norton Folgate said...

Gotta love those bronze age morals.

Anonymous said...

I think Labour could teach the Iranians a thing or two about vote rigging. 6,000 mysterious postal votes in Glenrothes letting Labour sneak the election for a little weasel bloke ( no offence ) who wouldn't say boo to a moose. And then the voting lists go missing so none of the voters can be verified.
Or foisting child candidates on constituencies because they're offspring of Labour cronies.

Maturecheese said...

Muslim immigration brings Muslim practices just as third world immigration brings third world practices. Its not rocket science really.