Ryanair to charge for oxygen masks and lifebelts

Michael O'Leary, CEO of the budget airline, Ryanair, has announced the latest cost addition to passengers. From Monday 15th June, all passengers must pay for the use of oxygen masks and lifebelts, which are used in the event of an in-flight emergency.

This comes in the wake of a raft of extras that Ryanair passengers already have to pay, such as coin operated lavatories and a "Fat Premium" for larger passengers and a plan to operate load-it-yourself luggage handling.

Passengers flying with the low-cost carrier will be obliged to tick a box on the online sales site, to buy the use of oxygen masks in the event of a sudden decompression in cabin pressure. Also, life jackets will be available for a standard charge of £2.50 each way, plus an extra £1 if you want auto inflation and an EPIRB, the satellelite location transmitter.

Mr O'Leary said in a recent interview, "We don't sell peace of mind, we sell cheap flights. If people worry about this sort of thing, then they are going to have to pay".


Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

In an earlier life I was flying from Copenhagen to Bangkok.

There were 2 flights to BKK taking off within 30 mins that evening and I was bumnped off the first onto second.

The second was a 100% tourist flight and the headphones, if you wanted to listen to the in-flight entertainment was charged at the equivalent of £5, but as a special inducement you could keep the headphones.

I had a word with the Purser, explained my situat a suggestion but she was having nothing of it so, I did not buy.

When I returned to Europe I sent a letter to the CEO of SAS saying that I knew times were bad for airlines and I had a suggestion, they could charge for toilet paper on their flight just light the good old Russian hotels, one sheet at a time.

I enclosed with the letter a roll of toilet paper.

I never heard back from him and have never flown with SAS again.

subrosa said...

I actually thought this was a joke similar to the £1 to pee stunt.

Doubt if I'll bother flying if I've to pay for the mask I'd be wearing when I'm found dead.

strapworld said...

GreatBillyGoatGruff SO IT WAS YOU!! You now have to use BOTH sides of toilet paper!.

RyanAir are bringing in new regulations.

Seat Cushions will be £20 extra or you just sit on the plank.

Safetybelts are £25 extra or you are given a roll of string.

Toilets are on three levels.
Super. £5 where you can shower/shave and Number 2's
Economy £2. a urinal on the side of the door.
Basic. A screwdriver for £1
and you unscrew a panel in the floor by your seat and you have a small hole unto which ladies must squat and gentleman must have a steady aim.

In 2010 RyanAir are going to charge for fresh air in the cabins!

Remove overhead lockers and also place seats in the luggage compartments so they can offer cheaper flights without windows!

In future DannyBoy will be the only tune played on the aircraft and crew will speak only gaelic

strapworld said...

PS. I forgot.

Ryanair are bringing in a new fleet of SUPERCHEAP aircraft. Each seat has pedals attached and passengers have to cycle to create power. This will reduce carbon footprints completely and ensure that passengers arrive fitter and slimmer than ever.

This will be initiated by the Irish Olympic Team.

King Athelstan said...

I just hate RyanAir, they fly to some total shit-holes too, including what used to be RAF Laarbruch, I hated that dump.