Remember David Shayler?

Shayler used to be an MI5 officer, but decided to go public with some of their supposed secrets.See THIS article.

Shayler now dresses as a woman and calls himself Dolores, and claims on his personal website that he is the Messiah.

And you think I make this up..

There are reasons why I am less and less interested in the world of media, politics and the chattering classes, and prefer to read a good book on a far away island (see below)


Anonymous said...

Yes we don't practise convential torture but we have other ways of torturing people who go ' off message' as in Shaylers case.
I couldn't begin to imagine the stress he must have gone through to be made into a non person by the powerful establishment.
Poor guy has been sent paranoid and demented.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

An interesting take on the story, but I really don't believe he has been leaned on. Had he been in Russia, in the FSB, I would have concluded that he had been poisoned, but here, nah.

Anonymous said...

It just seems that any high ranking official who goes ' off message' is either found dead ( David Kelly ), ridiculed and ignored ( Craig Murray ) or smeared ( Blears, Milliband, Duncan, Joyce, Devine etc..)
Once the state has our DNA and ID card biometric data and adds it to our health records, paye records, tax, pension, pay, internet activities, phone calls, texts and mobiles, library books read, books bought, shopping activities, clubs and political parties joined, criminal record, extended family and friend record, travel at home and abroad record, vehicle details and CCTV recordings then they can pretty much do what they want with us. Plant DNA here, tax evasion smear there etc.