When Murdoch decides..

A long while back, maybe last year, I predicted that when Rupert Murdoch decided to dump New Labour, then New Labour would be out the door.

Well bugger me.

Today's Times has the headline

Brown plans to take cash from the poorest families

Hardly equivocal is it?

Do not underestimate the power of the man who could rightly be the heir of Citizen Kane. Murdoch controls around 160 newspapers worldwide. His editors do what they are told. Be in no doubt, with headlines like this, Murdoch has dumped Gordon Brown and the New Labour odyssey is fucking over. Hurrah!


it's the Sun wotwonit said...

Yes I noticed The Sun is getting stuck in aswell. Hammering Brown over the Afghanistan War. Endless quotes from retired Generals, ex SAS heroes etc.
It is a bit worrying though how peole still believe that they have a democracy when in reality they are herded towards whatever the real powerbrokers decide is the best government for them.
Where will it all lead to ?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Well actually, it has always been the case that the country was run by the unelected. But like anybody, the unelected get it wrong and put their money behind the wrong horse.

Why do you think Mandelson whines and dines with billionaires, apart from getting serviced by the cabin steward?

master bates said...

Yes, penis breath always seems to be lurking in the background. Mysterious meetings and million pound mortgages paid off. He knows how to climb onto greasy poles. And Russians. Anyone who takes his fancy really and can grease his palm with their ill gotten gains.
We get what we deserve I suppose. I never hear anyone shouting about it. Come Dine With Me gets more interest than come over me sleaze ball Voldermort.

strapworld said...

Murdoch is quite luke warm towards Cameron.

I hope, if he does decide to back the cowardly cameron that they tell him in their usual straight forward way that he had better:-

Fund the Armed Services better than Labour!

Cull most if not all quango's!

Hold the promised referendum on the EU even if the Irish have said Yes!

Get the benefit class back to work -even if it is sweeping streets!

Tell all fiddling conservative MP's not to bother standing in the election as they are to be thrown out of the party.

Ensure that his cabinet represents all sections of society and not just, like his shadow cabinet, public schools!

Re-structure the NHS to bring it back to its former glory.Ensuring that the way forward is by making it less a beaucratic monster!

Re-create our engineering base by ensuring government loans for new companies.

A fully elected House of Lords re named Senate so that it is no longer the place for useless former MP's etc!

Scrap the BBC.

I then woke up!

Anonymous said...

How disgusting to see the incompetent trougher Speaker martin in ermine and introduced to us as Baron Martin of Springburn.

strapworld said...

Anon..agreed. But the Lords is packed with placement and women who have done nothing to enhance our beloved countries.