F1 Renault update

It seems that my take on the Renault F1 affair was accurate:


That is, that Briatore is a lying thug and Pat Symonds is a nice guy who went badly wrong. Briatore is still squealing like a stuck pig, threatening to sue everybody. Yeah.

All has been revealed by a mystery witness who was party to the conspiracy to deliberately crash an F1 car in Singapore last year.

What has come out, and what I did not know, is that Flavio Briatore was never a motor racing fan, he was a huckster, albeit and expensive huckster, for Benetton clothing and had no idea about the "sport" when he became head of Renault F1. It all goes to back up my contention, and Damon Hill's by the way, that Formula One motor racing is now a show and has little or nothing to do with sport or good form and that Bernie Ecclestone is too close to Briatore and vested interests in the Team's survival to be in any sense neutral about the ridiculously light penalty that Renault have incurred.


Faux Cu said...

A propos B Ecclestone

Some years ago I was researching new products to market and came upon one from the USA which would have potentially quite a big market in Europe. It was made in the USA but had not tried in any coherent way to expand sales in the Europe because they were concentrating on nthe US Military, particularly the Gulf and NASA.

My erstwhile partner knew Ecclestone, from years gone back, and approached him about getting it into F1.

It became obvious that we had to buy our way into F1 and that we would have to cede a % of our business to certain people.

Our product was superior to the one they used and offered safety enhancements but, our money needed to talk louder than the competitor.

We gave up.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

That kind of makes sense, FC. It is clear that all of the dealing is done through Ecclestone, and I dare say the Donnington/Silverstone fiasco has come down to how much money the respective tracks are prepared to pay him. For goodness sake, he's worth 100 million! How much more does he need?

Faux Cu said...

I think he has a very big divorce settlement to pay.