Economic Recovery?

Having skimmed the papers, I discern that Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling are going to try and convince us that the financial outlook is turning positive. They will also cite their management of the economy as a reason.

I disagree.

Firstly there is that niggling, and forgive me if I nitpick around the edges of this, matter of

£683,874,500,500 (increasing so fast I cannot provide an up to date figure, so scroll down to counter on the bottom of this page) National Debt, equivalent to about £30,000 per family.

Then there is the matter of our currency, which has currently bombed against the Euro, the Dollar and most of the other significant currencies.

But wait, I left the best for last.

This week, in an effort to continue his scorched earth policy, and scrape the last bit of money from us before the election, in order to pay for the hordes of fake jobs, scroungers and public employees who vote for them, The rate of fuel duty has increased again by 2 pence, bringing the level of taxation on this basic commodity to 63% on every litre. (You actually pay VAT on fuel, AFTER the duty has been added.)

Fuel is obviously seen as a soft target, but anybody reading this who uses a car regularly is going to be hit. Anybody who runs a business is going to be hit. Soon, VAT will return to 17.5%.

I think we are being robbed.

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Anonymous said...

Plus the slight problem of the unfunded public sector pension timebomb which is reaching a trillion pounds. And nulab are still recruiting outreach workers for disabled Afghan lesbians.
I thought I was clever and have hoarded hundreds of 100 watt real light bulbs. That will teach the EU.
But unfortunately, in order to comply with EU climate laws the UK will have black outs in 8 years time so I won't be able to use them.

anon again said...

Just had a quick look at the guardian website. Yes still plenty of highly paid , well pensioned ,non jobs available.
This one is for people who will be " horizon scanning for new ideas " at £30K a year.
They will let you go full time or just use it a secondment until something cushier comes along.

Dave said...

Expect an announcement any day that the VAT reduction from 17 1/2% to 15% to be extended until after the next general election?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Anon, please get a name, and thanks for the link. I read it and despaired, though it is so very relevant to the thread.

Dave, the VAT is supposed to go back to 17.5. They are absolutely desperate now for revenue, so I expect it will rise.