Renault and F1

Each year I look forward with actual excitement to the Formula One motor racing season. And about a third of the way through the series I get distracted and forget to watch it. To be honest, the bit I enjoy the most is the pre-race banter - the pontification, the bitchery and the mild curiosity about who Martin Brundle will manage to bag an interview with on the grid. I love it when he gets Bernie, who is the funniest man on the planet and can deliver the most outrageous lines totally deadpan. The races themselves are interesting to watch on a small screen for about ten minutes, max. I would of course love a pit lane pass and a hospitality package with one of the drivers, but knowing my luck it would be Kazuki Nakajima.

And so..

Team principle Flavio Briatore and Technical Director Pat Symonds have left the pit lane.

They will, quote: "not dispute the recent allegations made by the FIA concerning the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix"

As good an admission of guilt as there is. Bernie said, "I am surprised" (just like Captain Renault in Casablanca, just like that.) Deadpan, but very funny, considering he has admitted he knew all about it from Piquet months ago.

I am not surprised about Briatore, or his initial reaction, which amounts to the threat of a malicious prosecution against Nelson Piquet. Briatore is a thug. But Pat Symonds is for me the man who will lose the most out of this. He seems to me to be a decent bloke. How he could have been a party to this is a mystery to me.

Sport is big business. The rugby world and now this have been rocked by stories that would be thrown out of the first script meeting if they had been fiction.

I suppose the real crime is that we take it far too seriously.


strapworld said...

I believe all sport should be banned. Golf courses given over to Local Authorities to build Council estates! Football Stadiums to be converted into Penitentiaries. Cricket Grounds to become inner city dog walking area's.
Swimming Pools to become Hot Baths for the elderly to relieve arthritis etc.
Sports Halls/Clubs etc to be converted into public death penalty observation Houses for any sportsman or woman attempting any sport!

All supporters banned from wearing any club attire- penalty to be forced to stand naked for a week in the town/city/village centre.

Attendance at churches to be mandatory and Ministers instructed to use Sounds from the Sixties throughout every service.
Three steps to heaven etc...

I think life will then be simpler and happier.

dart player said...

" Cricket Grounds to become inner city dog walking area's."

Mmmm dunno. Dog walking sounds a bit too sporty for me. I normally just kick the dog out the back door.

strapworld said...

Okay then. Cricket grounds become used for exercising ones wife?