Brown to resign on health grounds

Bit of a hostage to fortune here, but since I correctly predicted the departure of Charles Kennedy from that party, erm the Demerol Limocrats, I think, way before he actually went, I think I have form you can follow with confidence.

When a story like the health of the PM gets into the MSM the first question you ask is, "in whose interests is it that this story is made public?" Since the health of Gordon Brown and his medical details are personal and private, this must have been made public with the approval of Number 10. I see the deft hand of Alastair Campbell all over this.

Be in no doubt folks. GB is leaving the building. Before the election. Why? Because he has always run away. Because he is incapable of running against anybody else. Because he is a coward. He knows he is going to lose the election for Labour. He cannot face that because he is in denial. This is his way out. And he will take it.

Addendum/Update: I found the original Charlie Kennedy prediction, made on Thursday 15th December. As late as 18th of December, the Liberal Leader was denying everything:

"on 18 December 2005 when asked "Has it been a battle to stay off the booze, have you had to have medical support in any way at all?" Kennedy replied "No, no, no, that is not the case.." (ring any bells?)

Kennedy resigned on 7th January, 2006.

Thinking about it - it's a bullet-proof way to go, after all the opposition can't kick a man when he goes on health grounds can they? Labour will pick up a few points with the exposure that a leadership election gives to a party, the new man will be seen as a new broom, and many will want to "give him a chance". The new leader calls an election and, bingo, he can spout a brand new set of lies. Perfect. Well done Alastair.


Joe said...

Drat I was hoping to see him in the live debates. Probably never happen now.
Is it true WW that his favourite pop group is Blur ?

denverthen said...

God, I hope you're right, Wrinkly. I'd even support Scottish independence* if that's what it would take to get the arrogant lunatic gone.

*(Possibly not actually that hard for me since I already quietly support Welsh independence in principle - and a confederate UK. Just not quite yet ;)

Norton Folgate said...
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Norton Folgate said...

It certainly looks like the backroom wheels are turning in an effort to defenestrate the cyclops.

Health stories hitting the press is a classic maneuver.

Lets hope you are correct.

Anonymous said...

So much for his admiration of courage, then. A dignity-free exit to match a dignity-free term in gorvernment.

What an utter, coward and traitor.

Severe disabilities have not hampered some of the world's greatest achievers.

Is he up to the challenge? I doubt it.

banned said...

I see sleazy but clever Mandelson spinning this one, hoovering up a few sympathy votes from the cranially challenged before booting Brown out of the " dignified exit " door.

Hopefully Haridan Harpie will force herself into Labours leadership in time for Britains women to show her what they think of her poxy Equality Agenda.

Jim Baxter said...

A sound and highly credible analysis WW. Running away is what this wretched enemy of courage does best.

Like many, no doubt, when I first read that he had tears in his eyes I immediately hoped someone had booted him in the cobblers.

wv: cysti - yes - may that be true of all his vitals.