Postman Prat

One of the last of the preposterous monopolies, The Post Office, hidebound by restrictive practices and over=manning, is going down (and down they will go) like the legless, armless knight in "Monty Python's and the Holy Grail" - "Come on you bastard, come here and I'll bite your ankles"

A union official came up with this gem:

"This is about a culture of management that seems to think in a democracy that the workforce have to do just what they’re told"

Well, sorry, but among other things, most workers do have to cover for people who are off sick, and surprise surprise, most of them don't sign on for an eight hour day and do four.

The Royal Mail is hanging by one, very significant thread. By a ruling that defies logic, it has kept its VAT free status. If that is taken away, TNT will be delivering your mail.

As for "democracy", it works both ways old bean. The management are perfectly entitled to employ who they want.

It's the last gasp of an anachronism. I remember all the arguments from the print unions, another cash rich, inflated bunch of bandits. I remember working in Fleet Street at the time, watching them sign on in the morning and then pissing off to the Mucky Duck. They are history. If the Royal Mail unions carry on like this, they will be too, for, this time they have no friends in the Labour Party.


Ruth@VS said...

Quite right, WW. I laughed very hard this weekend when I saw how many temp workers RM is taking on this winter. Striking workers traditionally make up their lost wages by doing overtime to catch up the backlog, RM has decided enough is enough and they're not playing that game anymore, quite rightly. And there'll be no christmas overtime either - they haven't employed extra workers recently, but given overtime to the regulars for the extra xmas mail. Not this year.

And have you noticed how many workers they are talking about? 30,000 is coincidentally very close to the number currently employed...

Jim Baxter said...

This appears to be one of those strikes which is supposed to be about saving jobs. It wouldn't be the first time that such a strike led to more jobs, and sometimes entire industries (hi Arthur) being lost than would have happened otherwise.

banned said...

Don't the posties realise that they are working for a relic company ? If I were with the Post Office I'd be concentrating on finding another job.