Question Time on Thursday. Sorry I'm busy.

I wont be watching the "BNP" edition of the BBC's Question Time on Thursday. First of all, I do not have a television, and secondly, I don't like to watch people having slanging matches, which is inevitably what it will turn into.

Much more interesting to watch will be the reaction of the public, and the commentators. My guess, having read a lot of articles around this issue is that unless Nick Griffin messes up, public opinion will be on the side of free speech.

Straight MPs are still not in favour with the public. Almost all of them have been found out to be grasping thieves. The Government is not popular, Brown is not popular and we are facing considerable fiscal discomfort.

People are very angry that we have been lied to about almost every issue of public concern. People are angry about our involuntary linking with the EU Treaty and the failure of all mainstream parties to deal with immigration and Islamic fascism.

Ordinary people are being pushed towards the extreme parties because of the failure of Labour and the Tories to address the issues.

It is ironic, but when Hitler came to power he banned things and made it very difficult for certain sectors of the population to go about their business. Fascism is alive and well, it seems. In the Labour Party.

So, I shall watch the reaction, not the event. Of course I shall dismiss reports in the MSM, since they too have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. But I shall read the blogs, dozens of blogs, from all corners and tell you what I find.


I fished this out of the Archives of the Independent. I had no idea they kept it. An early incarnation of Wrinkled Weasel:


banned said...

Likewise no telly but will look forward to your blog summary.

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

Straight MPs

There must be a rule of grammar there you have broken.

Ah yes, oxymoron.

Incidentally what is the definition of an oxymoron?

Someone who is both a moron and an oxygen thief.

Definition of MPs

Wrinkled Weasel said...

GBBG Dead right. Don't know how that slipped through.

Banned. Well done for not having a TV. There are a few of us about.

Ed P said...

I'll watch it for you! If you do not see it live, how will you know which commentators' assessments are based on what actually happens? So, if I post a comment, it will be about what I've seen, not in relation to others' experiences.

Do the licensing "police" harass you, as they cannot believe there are people without TVs?

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

Piss off Ed P

You are as welcome as John Knox.

Go find another room for yer mayhem.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Behave boys!

Question Time long since failed to have heuristic value.

Indeed a letter of mine to the Independent, published when Dimbleby became chairman, more or less sums it up.

I can be viewed here.

That letter (written before I had a proper computer) was probably when Wrinkled Weasel started taking me over.

strapworld said...

WW. Noel Edmonds for Question Time. Each particpant (now called a contestant) could have a red box with a number. When that number is called by a member of the audience, the contestant, has to open the box and perform whatever he/she is told to perform.

So we could have the spectacle of, say, Gordon Brown having to recite his favourite poem. David Cameron having to perform the dance of the seven veils etc etc. It would make politics far more interesting!

Anonymous said...

Will watch and I think mainstream politicos worried he'll be reasonable and make a lot of people listen.