Weasel's weekend window on the World

First up is the Irish referendum on the Lisbon treaty. You see, the Irish, being incredibly thick, did not vote the right way the first time, so those terribly nice people in Europe decided they would be given a second chance. And if it goes the way the EU wants, that terribly nice Mr Blair will become Ruler of the Universe. This pisses me off bigtime, but hey, I'll be dead in fifty years, max, and I will have been in prison for most of that time for thought crimes (i.e. I will have been thinking, "Central control of my life by a bunch of unelected oligarchs isn't right)

This week, Iain Dale had a bit of bother with the Daily Mail. As usual I gave more than my two pennorth on his blog, but the short answer is, the Daily Mail still cannot get over the fact that he is gay and still, in the year 2009 feel it is ok to make homophobic comments. Yes, of course as a libertarian, I believe they are entitled. But I am entitled to think they are wankers.

Thanks to all those who voted in the poll on Gordon Brown's state of mental health (see side bar) If you havn't already, please do!

At the beginning of next month, I shall be going to the wedding of someone I met on the internet, and who I then had the pleasure of having as a guest at Weasel Hall a couple of times; someone who ran a funny and entertaining blog for a while and then upped sticks from the Smoke and went oop North. To say that her life took a 180 degree turn is an understatement, but sometimes fame and fortune isn't the answer, and she has exchanged liquid lunches at the Groucho and bylines in the Red Tops for something sensible.

My favourite story of the week is the Flight Lieutenant who took a wonderful swipe at Gordon Brown's handling of the Afghan affair in front of the world's press and the officer commanding of that particular debacle.

Flight Lieutenant Victoria Anderton, I salute you. May you do your duty and may God go with you. (She is quite a looker, corrrrrrrrrrr!) The Story is HERE

So have a nice weekend. Go to your record collection and fish out an album you havn't played in ages and remember why you bought it in the first place! And if you can't be arsed to do that, why, here's a fab and funny track just for you! (dedicated to Doubting Richard, who gets commenter of the week..not because I agree with him but because he made me think.)

(Building a Religion - Cake)


General Dogsbody said...

I think the Flight Lieutenant will be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dogshit out of Hong Kong rather than go to Afghanistan.
You can tell when your country is a thirld world toilet when the officer corps slags your PM off to a spam officer live on telly.
Discipline has collapsed from top tit bottom. Nice looker though. I bet the stinkie has been chatting to that other eejit Galloping Major Joyce.

fed up with fuckwits said...

WW said

" Flight Lieutenant Victoria Anderton, I salute you. May you do your duty and may God go with you "

Well she failed that one. A traitor to her country and she didn't do her duty.
Ok the war is a shambles and the PM should resign but Gordon is still the PM. She's paid to do what she is told. Nothing more nothing less. If officers decided what's best for the country then why would we bother with democracy ? The Philipines and Venezuela have similar ideas.
The military decides who will run the country.
If you want officers to be free to speak up and slag off their leader then presumably you are happy with a police/ paramiltary state ?
Your blog is ok but you decide who to answer and who to ignore.
You have that power. people spend time putting answers to your questions and you ignore them. That is your power.
So why do you think an RAF officer should be able to slag us off and get away with it ? I won't bore you with my time in the forces but she is way out of order and should be demoted if not sacked ASAP.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Fascinating answers you two. I get the impression (correct me if I am wrong) that you are none too pleased with Flt Lt Anderton.

You would not bore me writing about your time in the forces. It is an area I plainly know nothing about. I am, however, a patriot and support them 100%. Somehow, I think Sir Richard Dannat started a trend by being honest about his displeasure with the MOD. I would be interested to know if you thought it was a benign one or a dangerous one.

fed up said...

Troops just want to love their officers and have faith in them. Leave all the bullshit to them. Fight from trench to trench with their mates not giving a flying fuck about the bigger picture.
To see a shiny arsed stinkie Wraf slagging off the big chief is so infuriating it just fuckin winds us up. She's probaly really clever and will go far up the greasy pole but it just fucks us off !

Dave said...

Interesting comments on Flt Lt Anderton's comments.

Isn't it good to hear someone express a vote of confidence in the man who is going to lead the forces in the theatre of operations rather than someone who hides behind a phalanx of cronies and spin at a desk far removed from the action?

I'm reminded of what happened in the Great War- you know the one where idiot generals who refused to learn about modern warfare sacrificed hundreds of thousands of our troops in futile bloodshed?
You know- the war where it was written that our troops were lions led by donkeys?
You know the one- the outcome of which was the refusal of the ruling class to realise that times had changed- which led to the General Strike and the rise of Socialism?

Sometimes what at first seems a moment of madness or treason is actually an act of bravery.