Where is Archbishop Cranmer?

A great deal of concern has been expressed over at


since the writer of the blog posted a very miserable piece that sounded like a suicide note.

His Grace writes:

The depths of despair are deeper than the ocean, and the black void is a taste of death.

His Grace is not sure that he has the strength to continue or the will to live, if, indeed, his ashes could be said to have ever re-lived in a corporeal sense at all. He needs to spend some time in the company of Beethoven: his Sonata Op 106 in B Flat Major is already playing. Vivat, vivat. If His Grace again returns to the earth in dust, he thanks his loyal readers and communicants for their congenial fellowship over these years

If Cranmer has indeed given up the ghost, then the blogosphere is going to be a worse place for it. If anyone can tell me what's going on, if AH is generally well, please let me know.

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