Nepal Update -Bus hijack

Young Weasel together with his colleague, guides and a group of disabled Nepali Children were detained by Maoists at a crossroads outside the Capital for five hours while their release was negotiated. YW writes that they wanted the bus in order to block the road and said they were going to burn it. In Richard's words "we thought this wasn't the place to be".

There were armed police there in riot gear but, they were not doing anything, fearing creating tensions with the Maoists. This actually seemed like the right thing to do..
Got no film/pics, we made a hard decision that was it wasn't worth the risk for the shots. If they had seen film cameras they could have felt it was an opportunity to make a statment on a larger scale

The group was released after agreeing to hand over their bus to the Maoists.

Under the heading TMI:

it's been 25C most days and the worst weather we've had is some fluffy white clouds. It's warm dry and dusty here (and this is the cooler time of the year!) due to the dust I have produced goliath bogies of award winning calibre

Thank you for that, Richard.


Anonymous said...

Thank God he's alright. Best to stick to urban areas in these sorts of places. And certainly hide any electronics - cameras, mobiles,etc, as these revolutionaries are no better than thieves.
Send him my prayers.

WW said...

Thank you.

Mrs R said...

Good news. Thank goodness.

Spartan said...

That's great news. When we were young most of us couldn't see the turmoil and worry they went through as we pursued some ideal or other with little regard for our safety.

Ahhh how things change once we become parents!

Anonymous said...

The country seems to be going to pot. Ask young weasel to stay in whatever town/village he's at and not travel on the roads.