Climate Change emails. What the BBC spiked

Writing in February 2007, Jeremy Paxman wrote, of the BBC's attitude to the climate change debate:

the BBC's coverage of the issue abandoned the pretence of impartiality long ago.

Well, coming from Paxman, that's fairly compelling and unquestionably damning.

It's been revealed this week that the BBC had sight of the "climategate" emails weeks ago and sat on them. Apparently a weatherman called Paul Hudson was sent them over a month ago.

It begs the question, does it not, "Why did the BBC sit on one of the biggest stories this year?"

As I have always said, the BBC rarely strays into the arena of explicit bias, apart from the Middle East and Jeremy Bowen, or against Christians, etc. The BBC is riddled, is infected and stinking, with bias by omission; it's what they don't report - the people who you never hear on "Today" or "Newsnight", why the audience in "Question Time" is carefully picked, and so are the questions and why they exclusively recruit their staff from the media pages of The Guardian. Remember the Dan Hannan speech that went viral and the failure of two chief correspondents, Nick Robinson and Mark Mardell, to even give it a mention.? It didn't get a mention on the BBC until the BBC became the story for pointedly ignoring it.

I post it again here to make the point that, if you only had the BBC to rely on for news, you would never have seen it.


Ayrdale said...

I think you understate "the story of the year." I think this is momentous, on a Watergate scale, and will be the defining issue of Obama's presidency. It is likely to obliterate the green left as a credible political force.Hence the BBC coyness.

Jim Baxter said...

Time was I admired the BBC and thought them second to none. Between thirty and forty years ago when they had reporters like Kenneth Allsop, Charles Wheeler, (Boris's dad-in-law), newsreaders like Robert Dougall, and programmes like Alastair Cooke's 'America'.

They are unrecognisable now - they are trash - not because they have changed with the times but because they have lost any claim to integrity. the licence fee is a travesty of what was once a universal benefit.

Rebel Saint said...

Never tire of the Hannan speech.

Farage has done some great demolition jobs too.

Of course, it's all futile. In space, nobody hears you scream.

climategate said...

If you google old BBC news stories it's startling the honesty in reports from about 10 years ago. There has been a massive closing of ranks since then. New Labour policies on immigration, debt, global warming, wars etc are taken as read. School text books are stating as fact that man has caused all global warming. The brainwashing is complete. I didn't realise that SKY, ITV, Scotsman, Herald, Daily Record etc are all in on the scam but if nothing else this climategate story has zeroed in on whose side everyone is on. Which is invaluable.
On climategate has anyone noticed that the CRU knew about the leak for over a month yet didn't close down their servers until recently ? Were they so sure that nothing would come of this story or are they just incompetent ? Hang on yes they are incompetent and yes they did think they were beyond reproach.