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The Large Hadron Collider at Cern in Switzerland has been turned on again after the 14 month break for repairs, so this may be my last post before we are all sucked into the Space/Time vortex. Imagine when they had to call out the repair man? (sucks intake of air through teeth) "You are looking at at least £3 million for parts and labour squire and I can't even look at it for 6 months. You could put some duck tape on the helium tanks and flush the Ohm Valves , but really, mate it's a replacement node and half a dozen bi-furcked knoll nuts."

Does anybody normal, apart from that guy who used to be in D-ream, know what Cern is about? I don't.

It turns out that Anthropogenic Global Warning is a load of toss. There is surprise, but what is worse is the number of "academics" who appear to have been very economical with the truth in order to promote the fallacy:


If you cannot trust Scientists who can you trust? Probably the only scientists you can trust are the ones who don't work for the government. Even better if they are sacked .

There has been a blip in the polls. Over at Political Betting, which is a favourite with me, they have the latest, which shows a significant hike in Labour support.  Can they sustain it? Well they can if the Tories continue to be so equivocal. If Cameron's current lack of radical alternatives is the best opposition we have to this criminal administration we are fecked.

I am a big Spectator fan but my comment on this Martin Bright thread did not get through, which is odd, because everyone else at the Speccie does let them through, even when I am nasty about them, which I certainly was not on the Martin Bright piece. The crux of his piece is that Islamic fundamentalism and the BNP "are cut from the same cloth", which is bollocks. He calls it "the twin threat of the Islamist extreme right and the BNP. " I merely pointed out that, while I was able to believe that some members of the BNP had committed the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to memory, the BNP is a democratic political party and does not blow people up, treat women as second class citizens, advocating the stoning to death of homosexuals or the establishment of a world Caliphate, etc, etc, and that it did his argument no good to try and pretend the two were synonymous. That is all. My only other point was that the BNP are an ad hoc political party who will fade into obscurity as soon as the main parties take the protection of our way of life seriously. Clearly it did not fit in with his rant. Extremists of any colour never do their causes any good.

Me, I have been totally naughty and irresponsible. I have traded the Peugeot Partner Quicksilver in for an MGF vvc in British Racing Green.  The Peugeot, which I bought as a practical workhorse, has proved fragile. It is the first time in decades that I have ever had a car let me down so badly, including one episode of the gear linkage breaking in the centre of Edinburgh at 11pm on a Sunday. I had no money, no phone and I had waved a cheery goodbye to my friends15 minutes before. We had to get a taxi home (£40), get the other car, go back to the city, tow the Peugeot to the local garage and pay for it to be fixed. That was only one of a catalog of problems. The clincher was on Friday when I got to the Supermarket car park with a trolley full of shopping to find a dribbling diesel leak. I managed to start the car with difficulty and it limped back to the garage again. I know, I should have had breakdown cover and between me and Mrs Weasel, we should have had a phone, but you know, you get a mile down the road, remember you left the phone and think "nevermind". I have had four Peugeots and three of them have broken down and left me stranded. I just don't think they are built well enough, and compared to my old Volvo and the Volkswagen we also have, it is a pile of poop.


Sceptic said...

I think the hadron collider is trying to recreate the big bang. Firing protons at each other at mind boggling speeds. There are tunnels that accelerate the protons on their travels with magnets the size of peugot cars. Over 20km of tunneling aswell. If they hit each other ( which is the tricky bit seeing as they're tiny ) then the resultant explosion will be monitored and give us an insight into how we all came into being.
The worry is that it will actually leave a black hole as many black holes evolved this way.
The climate scientists in East Anglia have been a devious lot. Rejoicing in the death of an anti climate change activist and refusing to give up taxpayer paid for data under FOI requests. And of course colluding to make charts show the worst outcomes of climate change.
Nothing heard on Sky News or al ja beeba. Funny that.

Jim Baxter said...

'I have had four Peugeots and three of them have broken down and left me stranded.'

My respects WW. If more of us were as honest as you about our learning difficulties we might all feel the pain of stigamatisation less

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Dear Jim, I always learn from my mistakes - I can repeat them endlessly. My problem is that I am an incurable optimist.


"The worry is that it will actually leave a black hole as many black holes evolved this way" I dare say that if it went tits up, we would not know about it. A concise and lucid exposition of the facts, by the way. You must be a scientist. (I live with one)


Jim Baxter said...

Sorry, the LHC, yes, what Sceptic said. They're looking for the Higgs Bosom you know, no, the Higgs Bosun, er, Hobson's First Mate (in St Ann's Square, MAN-chester...Mr Midshipman Hornblower...

I dunno. Anyway, it's all about how empty space isn't as empty as it looks because it's really filled with a non-zero value field which resists particles to varying degrees (like Golden Syrup but in space) but it's not a space-filler in the way that they thought about how the ether filled empty space which isn't empty anyway because it's full of this field that they haven't found yet.

Trust that helps.

Rebel Saint said...

That's what I like about coming here ... who else would cover such an eclectic range of topics in one post. And I agree with them all - especially your analysis of the BNP/Islamofacism juxtaposition.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thankyou RS. At this very moment I was beginning to think my scattergun approach was a mistake.

strapworld said...


Poor chap. I have contributed 25pence to the St. Christopher Society in your name.

I have discovered I am a fat magnet. As you scientists types know. Mass is a constant. Therefore when someone loses weight, people like me attract that discraded mass. I can go out for an evening and put on two stone. Quite amazing dont you think?

As for Coffeehouse. It has,strangely, become very left of centre and I, too, have had posts ignored.

I think they have been 'got at' bt those that control us all and told to support the one eyed grinning monster. (I feel your pain)