Sell Gilts - Buy Big Macs

Economists are starting to fear a nightmare scenario: that Britain’s credit card is torn up as we’re force to go cold turkey. According to the debt markets, Britain is now judged more likely to go bust than McDonald’s. Or Gap. Or Vodafone.

Frazer Nelson, News of the World


strapworld said...

Well WW that means that those on benefits will riot when their benefit cheque's are not in the post! The good side of that is that they will learn the hard truth about Brown and his incompetents!

The Armed Forces will have to be pulled out of the Afghanistan War as the country will have no money to pursue it.

The emergency services will not receive their pay and thus will not turn up for work, leaving the whole country open to criminals etc.

The essential public service workers will not be paid meaning no public transport. The sewers will stop working, water will be contaminated. Electicity power stations will close down. X Factor will be postponed to the disgust of millions of screaming people.

Simon Cowell will fall over his height inducing booties.

Oil refineries will stop delivering oil as nobody could pay for it! Similarly cash machines will run dry and supermarkets will be stripped bare by thieves.

The old will perish from cold and malnutrition. They will be left to rot in the streets.

The army would not be paid and thus refuse orders to man the barricades.They will take their weapons and join the rioters.

There would be mayhem, murder and community will turn on community. Community leaders will be murdered and gang leaders will take over their 'kingdoms' we will, in effect, return to the dark ages.

The cities of London, Birmingham, Leicester and Pratts Bottom will become Muslim controlled and Sharia Law will be enforced. All christians will be stoned to death as all christians will have committed adultery, at least once!

BUT then along comes the EU mighty army supported by the beaurocrats from Brussels, removing, town by town, the trouble makers and transporting them to slave gangs Albania,from whence they will be sold as sex slaves to the chinese!

The EU mighty army will then start establishing in each town a EU Mayor with total power.

A EU bank will be established in every town and Euro's will be distributed to all. Order will be established and everyone will praise the mighty EU and be happy to be part of the United States of Europe.

A new golden age of peace and plenty returns to Englans green and pleasant land.

Beethovens Ode to Joy will be whistled, tunefully, by all! IT IS ALL A BLOODY EU PLOT!


Jim Baxter said...

Buy gold if you can. Guido has been saying so for a long time.

Now, O/T, I don't know of you need cheered up but I do. I found this the other day and it did it for me. I know WW appreciates music as do many of those of us who count ourselves priveleged to be his correspondents. This guy is 11 years old.