The Muslim Convert and the Christian Couple

I am feeling somewhat relieved tonight, at the news that the couple of Christian guest house keepers who were accused of "a religiously aggravated offense" have been acquitted of all charges.

A 60 year-old woman, a recent convert to Islam, had an altercation with the proprietors of a guest house she was staying in. There was some sort of argument about her religion. When things did not go her way, this young woman decided to call in the police, who in typical heavy handed fashion, decided to treat a private conversation as a religiously motivated hate crime. Well, the judge in the case threw it out. A lot of public money has been wasted. Two people have been treated as criminals for apparently stating the obvious, which is that Islam is a religion that oppresses women. My own opinion, reading between the lines, is that this Muslim woman wanted revenge at losing an argument. Quite extraordinary that there are people capable of so much venom.

As always in these cases there are two sides to a story, but what is quite clear is that officials in this country now wish to stifle freedom of speech. It is clear, from the public prosecutors that they believed they had a reasonable prospect of a prosecution, but of what? Did they really think they can prosecute people for voicing opinions?


Jim Baxter said...

Agreed WW. Although I think the young woman in question is about
60. Perhaps you are more wrinkled
than I realised.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Changed it. How very dare you. Thanks

Michael said...

Reminded me a little of this (sorry for the ridiculously long link):

Whatever you may think of the man, or what he was saying, it often seems that the amount of 'freedom' to speak is directly correlative with how much it offends either a) left-liberal cultural bias, and/or b) secular-nihilistic intellectual dogma.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thanks for the link, Michael. I agree with you.

Dave said...

A little pearl of wisdom for you WW.

How does one make a pebble smooth?
I'm reliably informed that you take a lot of rough stones and put them in a container. Then you seal the container and shake it about for a while. The constant friction of banging the stones together causes all the sharp and rough edges to be broken off, and eventually the stones are polished smooth.

Before I was saved I was an obnoxious individual.
Then I got saved and became obnoxious for Jesus.For a long time. Until the rough edges were smoothed off.

The world would be a better place if all converts to any religion, be it Christianity, Islam, or the more pervasive and dangerous MMGW/green religion, be required by law law to be silent for the first,say seven years of their conversion.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Could not agree with you more, Dave.

Rebel Saint said...

I agree in principle Dave, but isn't it in talking (obnoxiously or otherwise) that the friction is produced whereby the rough edges are smoothed?

The great fear is that the act of 'knocking the rough edges off' one another is now a criminal offence ... or at least it is if it is an Islamic "stone" that needs smoothing.