Feeling Old

The Weasel is sweltering in the heat, since the temperature has reached above freezing all day. And the weather is set to reach a balmy 5 degrees Centigrade towards the weekend, when we shall slap on the factor 30 and have a barbeque. I have in the last two weeks, used enough coal to re-open a small colliery in Wales. I am not looking forward to seeing the leccy bill either.

I may have a touch of arthritis - something I get during prolonged spells of cold. It takes the form of pains that come and go within days, but then reappear somewhere else it makes me tired and lacking in energy and if ignored it's a hospital job. So if I am still feeling the aches tomorrow there will be brufen.

Now is the time to stop flogging dead horses. All last year I spent a lot of time, emotion and energy into building something that never took off. Time to let it go, and maybe get back to the book.

Blogging will be light for a while.


jimmy said...

Brufen is definitely the wonder drug for us oldies ! Amazing stuff and mega cheap. I get a stiff knee in the cold and am still in my 40's so I am dreading old age.
I'm installing a woodburner at the moment and hopefully I'll recoup the costs as it's a bit dearer than I thought. The piping costs the same as the stove.
Hopefully you will manage to keep blogging.

banned said...

Our local river just melted, should I worry?

Mark Brentano said...

Stiff knees, arthritis, rheumatism; all of these conditions quake before the might of Honegar, a cordial made naturally from honey and cider vinegar and available from Holland & Barrett. Strange taste - as you'd expect - but it rings the lemons.

Hamish said...

The headline says it all, and there is no cure for Anno Domini (to give it its medical name).

That you refer to 'brufen' suggests you have been inside (in hospital I mean).
What came as a revelation to me in my only stay so far in hospital is that there is nothing in between paracetemol/aspirin/ibuprofen and heroin.
In my naivety, I had assumed they had a whole armoury of other pain-killers in between.

My joints are starting to give me gyp, but to paraphrase the old joke, it only hurts when I dance (which I love).
So, you may have to give up the jigging, Mr Weasel. But you can still write. And you write well (pity about the punctuation).

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thank you for the kind comments. As long as I rest it should be alright. The last time I did not rest my eyes went bad, and my heart, (pericarditis) with the result that I walked into hospital off the street with the eye problem and did not get out for a week. But that was 20 years ago.

Once the aspirin etc has worn off, it does appear that you must go straight to heroin, which I never did. That means a certain amount of wanting to climb up the wall between painkillers.

Thanks anyway.

Dave said...

Take care WW and post when you're feeling better.