Gordon Brown's "Wake Up Call"

Apparently, Our Dear Leader has had a "wake up call".

This, from the official Number Ten web site:

The Detroit plot thankfully failed. But it has been another wake-up call for the ongoing battles we must wage not just for security against terror but for the hearts and minds of a generation.

Well, Mr Fucking Gordon Fucking Brown, we had a wake up call on 11th September 2001, over eight and a half years ago!  How many more fucking wake up calls do you need Mr Gordon Fucking Brown, before you do something about it?

You could start by closing all the phony "educational establishments" that get bogus students in by the back door. You could repatriate  Islamic hate-mongers and break up the ghettos and no-go areas in the UK. You could allow the police to stop and search swarthy men with beards and funny clothes, because, fuck me, they seem to fit the profile for terrorists, not Japanese tourists or old ladies. You could allow British citizens to defend their homes and their families.

Just don't give us this "Wake up call" shit. You should have woken up ten years ago.

(sorry about the swearing)


Anonymous said...

"sorry about the swearing"

No, your not.

Feels good though?

Happy New Year

Katabasis said...

Don't apologise for the swearing WW.

The phony "educational establishments" I can tell you were (possibly still are) a much bigger problem than anyone has publicly acknowledged.

King Athelstan said...

Browns imbecilic witterings could make Jesus himself swear.

Dave said...

Happy new year WW. Don't worry about the swearing. A few hail marys may be in order though.

I'm blogging again while I have the energy and the bile btw.

Anonymous said...

The Nigerian bomber in pants tried to get a visa to a bogus college, he wasn't stopped because of vigilance on the part of the authorities though. I hear he was stopped as he had no funds when he applied for a visa, having fallen out with the inlaws over something.
Like someone else here said, the problem is huge.
I was waiting in the queue at the post office, and this guy on his mobile was speaking to someone and said 'bring them in from Pakistan, I'll register them as students, no problem'. Then a neighbour saw some young guys wandering around recently and they said they had nowhere to sleep as someone had brought them in after they paid him and he abandoned them outside the airport. They were taken to the local Gurdwara. Those ones say they're now full to capacity, taking people who have come here on student visas for bogus colleges.
And the stuff from Nigeria is the tip of the iceberg as the pants bomber was put on the plane from Ghana. Britain and USA with their dhimmi attitudes are sleepwalking to disaster.


Spartan said...

Wake up? .... do me a favour. lf they did 'wake up' they'd acknowledge that our airport terminals are so obviously and totally unsecure that one must assume that all terrorist organisations are completely and utterly devoid of intelligence ... or they have no agenda whatsoever of attacking airports.

ln the meantime. this government(who are completely and utterly devoid of intelligence) will continue to waste millions upon millions on a security industry that is almost totally staffed by Muppets.

Katabasis said...

Not just any old muppets either - its muppets regulating muppets, with the SIA allowing 5000 illegal immigrants to get their SIA badges.

As someone who has to get an SIA badge themselves, with the amount of tossing around involved in getting the damn thing I was utterly flabbergasted by this story. I can't see how it is possible without the most mind numbing incompetence, or worse.

denverthen said...

Top cussing in a top post. Happy New Year, Mr Weasel :)