Body Scanners and Yuman Rights

Look at the pictures below. Spot the difference. One bunch wants to kill people, randomly, brutally and change this country beyond recognition, the other bunch just want to collect their pensions and try not to freeze to death or end up sitting in their own piss in a cupboard. You my readers, may be bright enough to spot some crucial characteristics which might enable you to pick out the baddies, but the Government does not want to give us that chance.

When the notoriously inept, and aptly named "pants" bomber failed to blow up a US bound airplane, there was yet another round of hand wringing and heart rending debate about human rights and the right to privacy. It now emerges that the introduction of full body scanners may be illegal, though I am buggered if I can find a rational explanation for this.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission says it has “serious doubts” about the Government’s decision to install the devices at terminals across the country...
The watchdog says they might also break discrimination law because Muslim or Arab travellers cannot find out if they are being unfairly targeted by security staff.  (Telegraph)

Now according to a Department of Transport spokesman:

"we are also committed to ensuring that all security measures are used in a way which is legal, proportionate and non-discriminatory."
Well that's just fine and dandy then. So far, all domestic bombers have looked like this
They have all been males under 30, and many of them have worn Islamic beards. Indeed, the latest era of home grown bombing is predicated upon Islamic extremism. So what is all this bullshit about "non-discriminatory"? Of course it should be discriminatory. All those nasty young Muzzies who are thinking about blowing us up should be hunted down, and you are not going to tell me that arresting little old white ladies or indeed white males over 30, is going to do anything more than waste time and money.

It is time for the game to change. We cannot afford Political Correctness. We simply cannot afford it. Fuck community cohesion, most of them should not be here in the first place, since they have no interest whatsoever in integrating or being patriotic. We now learn that immigration has been a massive and deliberate attempt, a political attempt, at social engineering, This is so unbelievably crass and dangerous, that there should be a public inquiry into the assertions made by the former Number 10 man, Andrew Neather:

Let us make no mistake, we are at war with forces who are winning because of this government's gerrymandering and obsession with political correctness. How many more people are going to die at the hands of young male Asians before this sort of nonsense about "not being discriminatory" is treated with the contempt it deserves.


generation kill said...

Good to see your blog back WW.
Yes the Israelis have the right idea with their racial profiling.
Have you been watching Generation Jihad on tv ? Or still no telly ? Probably on iplayer or something.
The young jihadis in the UK and abroad always have the same reason for trying to kill us. Our wars in the middle east etc.
Maybe it would be a bit safer if we stopped fighting wars and used our troops at home. If my town was hit by a missile from 60km away and 12 of my family were vapourised I'd get kind of upset and wouldn't feel ' liberated'.
I wish there would be a stock check of who is in the country before any more muslims are admitted. And maybe muslims should be asked to swear allegiance to us or try their luck in another country. Islamic ones would probably suit them better. Saudi maybe ?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't history tell us that the Great Wall of China successfullt repelled all invaders, but that they got in through the gates, allowed through by corrupt traitors?
Isn't the same or similar true of the fall of the Roman Empire? Betrayed by traitors? By successive "emperors" who bribed their way into power and bought the army off? So that when the invading hordes finally arrived, Rome was too weak to resist?

We haven't learnt a thing.

We are being sold into slavery by traitors

Richard said...

This points up my problem with the use of the word 'discrimination'. It's always used as if it's a bad thing, and yet discrimination is what has kept the species alive for millennia. Discrimination between good and poisonous food, between wild and tame animals, between friends and enemies. We have to discriminate to live - and yet we are constantly told it is a bad thing to do.

We need to discriminate more. We know that the people to wish us harm are middle-eastern males of a certain age, so let's focus on them. Every innocent pensioner who is targetted in the name of fairness is a chance missed to find a truly harmful individual. Focusing like this may inconvenience some innocent Arab men, but to me that is outweighed by the safety that such measures would bring to the whole of society, including peaceable Muslims.

As GK says, let's pull our troops home, stop fighting other people's wars, an let's defend our shores against those who would harm us. When we are rich and free, without an internal terrorist threat, then we can consider policing the world again.

Spartan said...

Unlike Mr Shoe and Mr Underpants "bomber" the IRA and other NI orgs were competent at bombings and shootings. The IRA even had handheld Surface to Air Missiles and had they chosen to use them against aircraft they could've brought them down at will. lf these groups had suicide bombers the country would've been devasted.

But now you no longer have to be competent to cause terror. All you have to do is say you are going to instigate a terrorist attack and no matter how viable or irrational it is, the government and media will do the rest for you.

Yet, the only attack we've had was on the London Underground. Are there scanners etc at the stations? ... no! What about football stadiums? public buildings? railways? .... nope, no scanners or x-ray machines.

So, the government concentrate on airports and even then not the check-ins or car parks. It is nothing more than a Government PR Circus built around an illusion of safety staffed by automatons that don't have the ability to think for themselves.

Anyone who thinks the these so-called radical muslim terrorist groups have a full blown terrorist campaign against us has the same mentality as Mr Shoe and Mr Underpants!

l have no reason to fear terrorists but l do fear my own government ... and the majority of our citizens that are little better than sheep.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

GK, whereas I believe we should not be fighting the wars we are currently engaged in, I don't think it is the only reason we are in this mess. What we have done is allow people to get the idea that they can somehow set up a parallel culture in Britain, and then tell us what to do. It has come down to people with bags over their heads complaining to the police when they are challenged about ideas like stoning homosexuals to death.

Richard, as you say, discrimination works - it is the basis of survival.

Spartan, terrorists are mostly bedroom boys, adolescents consumed by hormones, but what is far worse is the tacit approval and encouragement given to Islam, which provides these losers with a raison d'etre.

Anon, 3.52, There are those in power over us who should be arrested for treason, and so I agree with you, but please, get an identity!

Spartan said...

WW ... yes l agree but where is the terrorist threat that can justify the current harrassment and loss of freedoms/privacy of the population whilst the bogeyman radical muslims continue to preach their vile?

l admit that it has created the one and only growing industry that this government has built ... security! For this to continue they need the radical muslim and his doctrine ... ;-)

Rebel Saint said...

Richard, I'm glad I'm not the only one beating that drum ... DISCRIMINATION is a good thing. We should teach our children to discriminate more not less. What is not right is UNFAIR discrimination. i.e. it is unfairness that is wrong, not discrimination.

It's the same with TOLERANCE. I am teaching my children not to tolerate all sorts of things. I have been into schools and workplaces where there are posters (a.k.a propaganda) encouraging tolerance of homosexuality/immigration/religion/multiculturalism etc, and then - without the slightest sense of irony - right next to them are posters saying that we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards X,Y & Z!!!

And finally, DIVERSITY. What's so inherently good about it. All these companies with diversity policies that make you wear a uniform and behave in a uniform way!! Uniformity is the antonym of diversity.

What we need is more DISCRIMINATION, INTOLERANCE & UNIFORMITY ... say that in your next job interview when they ask you what your attitude towards diversity & equality are and see the "Diversity Manager's" jaw drop!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Rebel Saint, one of the central flaws in PC is it's arbitrariness. Funny thing is, nobody ever points this out - so you can be very pro Palestine, for example, but not very pro the BNP. Tolerance, it seems, depends on who is flavour of the month.

Richard said...

"We must celebrate diversity."

Why? If you mean should we all rub along well together, and value the individual rather than impose blanket conformity, I'd agree. But I don't think they mean that.

It's a thoughtcrime thing now.

generation kill said...

Multiculturalism seems to be for Western countries only. I never saw much multiculturalism in the middle east or far east when I used to travel around.
Our asian population is able to travel to Pakistan etc and enjoy their rich culture whenever they like. And why not ? They fought to keep their culture so should enjoy it.
Why is it racist to celebrate our Britishness here ?
Maybe monoculturalism would be more accurate for the situation in the West.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

gk, it's not so long ago that the English abroad were accused of all manner of quasi colonial indiscretions, such as demanding marmite and proper tea wherever they went. This pales in to infinity when compared to the little ghettos around Britain today where British culture is obliterated under the banner of "multiculturalism". You are right. It's monoculturalism.