Central Casting

And now I invite you to play, Central Casting. You have to imagine you have been given the task of casting actors in your favourite movie or book or play. Easy! I will start.

Night of the Demon (1957)
As you know, my favourite movie ever.
Holden: Dana Andrews was perfect, and apparently drunk most of the time of the shoot. Niall MacGinnis: just was the evil Karswell, based upon a sort of Aleister Crowley type. My choices, for the remake (heaven forbid) would be: Holden: George Clooney, Karswell: Michael Gambon is a bit too old, but he would have been perfect, so we need a Michael Gambon type. Any suggestions? I would go for Roger Allam.  Joanna Harrington: Kelly Adams. Mrs Karswell, Penelope Keith.

The Aubrey/Maturin books. I have read them all and at the moment I a re-reading them. The movie was ok, but my choice for Jack would be Daniel Craig or probably better, George Clooney again, with Stephen being played by Robert Carlyle.

Casablanca, which ties on first place with NotD, is virtually impossible. There are reasons why there has never been a remake, but if pushed, Billy Bob Thornton and Alicia Silverstone.


Jim Baxter said...

Trouble is though, as you say, it's heart-rending to think of remaking a film that you really like. Unless - aha - unless you suppose that some unfathomable disaster befell all the prints and and all the copies on tapes and discs all over the world...and, and etc..

OK. Let's see, 'The Third Man' remake.



... tell you what, how about a film I really hate. Oliver Stone's 'Nixon'

OK, Nixon: Jim Carrey

Kissinger: Danny de Vito.

Haldeman: Woody Allen.

Erlichman: Tom Cruise.

J Edgar Hoover: Meryl Streep...

denverthen said...

I think the O'Brian books - which are certainly the very best of the genre, that I've ever read at least - would make a terrific, awesome, big-budget television series. Carlyle would definitely make a much more authentic Maturin, but I'm afraid I've no idea who could fill Aubrey's boots. Daniel Craig's a fine actor, but he's not really big enough to play a character with a burly, second row-type physique like Aubrey's, is he? I think it's pretty important, that. Clooney would just be too expensive (there'd be no money left for anything else!).

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Jim, The Third Man has to be in my top five movies.If Mike and Bernie Winters were not available I am afraid I would be stumped.

DV, to be honest, Jack Aubrey had me stumped too. It was the best I could think of. What we need is a newcomer, a sort of Sean Connery, who can make the part his own.

Spartan said...

Given the ever increasing advances of CGI, how does one feel about the digital comeback of classic screen stars on the big screen?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Spartan, it's a bit like having sex with a hamster - possible but not recommended.

I has kind of been done in "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid", in the sense that old footage was cut with new, but the idea that a cgi Bogart could be created who can act, with all the nuances - to actually create a new leading character - is fascinating, but not possible I would have thought.

Spartan said...

Look at what they did in creating Gollum in Lord of the Rings.l can honestly see digital resurrection a reality as technology advances so quickly.

lt would obviously need the agreement of the filmstars estate ... and some will and some won't.

One must remember that they are only recreating a 2d image and not holographics. The work needed to be done is phenomenal and expensive but whereas the Gollum character can only be used once, the filmstar can be used again and again.

Would it be accepted? ... yes, l think it would, especially with many film companies and directors. The actors of today? ... mmm, l would expect a 'no' from them and understandably so.