Council Tax Increases

Councils in England are chirruping that they shall be imposing some of the lowest rises of Council Tax in recent history. Whoopee! The lowest rises. Yes, as if we should give them a big pat on the back. This is a time when public spending should be reeled in, and when people should get back some of the massive contributions they make to profligacy by Local Authorities, who, for some reason, feel they must run every little aspect of our lives.

Some Authorities, such as South Norfolk and Manchester are actually freezing Council Tax this year. There may well be others, but if a huge, Labour controlled metropolitan council such as Manchester can do it, and a modest Tory Controlled rural council can do it, why not all of them? Well, they are just used to spending. Spending more and more of your money.

Me? I am very happy thank you. Since the SNP gained power in Scotland, Council Tax has been frozen across the board, for the last three years. Radical thinking, radical solutions. It can be done.

Of course, there is a reason why Councils have suddenly had an attack of faux parsimony. It is an election year, and the Government has threatened to cap any council that sets their rise to high. Look forward to even bigger rises next year if Labour win the GE.

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Ruth@VS said...

My councils (Lancashire and Rossendale) have also frozen council tax this year. It was an election pledge by the conservatives and is most welcome. Maybe one of the ways they are funding it is by not sending out the ridiculous newspapers which advertise how great the council is, not seen one in months, which is good news.