Desperation Cocktails #2 The Full Brazilian

Dr Weasel is having the week off and has predictably gotten a bad case of Alice - the same thing that Christopher Robin went down with. I am poorly too (sympathy accepted) and have therefore declined to get in the car, go to the offy and get some gin.

And so, out of sheer desperation, he is the "what's left on the drinks shelf cocktail". I call it a Full Brazilian - since it includes the national spirit of Brazil and something peachy.
Equal Measures of

Creme de Peches
Triple Sec
juice of half a lemon per person
loads of ice in a highball glass and top with soda.

By now, you may be wondering, "Why does the Weasel have such a comprehensive collection of odd beverages?" Well, it is all down to Lotte Von Madhaus, who donated her extraordinarily large cocktail kit to us when she went to live down south. Lotte currently lives in Knightsbridge, with someone who used to be in Dr Who.


Norton Folgate said...

Tell the truth, it's called the "full brazilian" because it makes your eyes water and turned your balls bald.

Jim Baxter said...

The Full Brazillian sounds similar to the 'Back, Crack and Sack', a tincture of swab spirits (turpentime just WILL NOT DO) flypaper glue, and of course, cocaine to draw the sting. Never to be mixed with high balls for health and saftey reasons.

Which recalls to all of us, of course, the timid, once-mauled-twice-the-hell-outta-here circus animal trainer who fed his bears Brompton's Mixture because, he claimed, 'There's safety in numb bears'.

(Hat-tip to Myles na Gopaleen)