If I can be candid for a moment..

This time I am afraid the mask will slip.
A lot of people have criticised this blog from time to time. Some have been rude, some have accused me of coldness and lack of empathy with commenters. I want to tell you now that there have been times when I wanted to pack it all in.

There was the time when I discovered that young Miss Weasel couldn't get a boyfriend. You know, I used to send her Valentines Cards. She only ever got the one, from me. And then there was the moment when young Master Weasel, in spite of his speech impediment, was able to recite the entire works of Shakespeare (for Children in Need) whilst standing on his one remaining leg. Reading with his one good eye. Sorry for mentioning this, and it was not my plan to parade my family life in front of you, but you need to understand.

I have decided that you must, must see the Weasel without his mask, and maybe then, (sniff), you will love me a bit more.

I came from a broken home and sometimes all we had to live on was lard. We were poor but we were also miserable. I grew up unable to make friends or interact socially, but with a biting ambition to one day get my revenge back on the world that treated me so appallingly.


Remember who commended thy yellow stockings, and
wish'd to see thee ever cross-garter'd ..thy smiles become thee well


subrosa said...

WW I can't sleep for nightmares. It's all to do with that programme Brown's Bemoaneries. And now I come to be cheered and what do I find?

Cover up for goodness sake! You'll have no readers left as they'll be dropping like flies with aneurysms. :)

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I did not, indeed could not, watch the "human" face of Gordon Brown. There is a plum of wisdom in the Bible which goes,"By their fruits, you shall know them". The "fruits" of Gordon Brown are deceit, social engineering, fiscal ruin and ignominy as a country.

My hope is that he will get a drubbing in Scotland, since we have a real alternative.

Dave said...

For goodness sakes cover up those knees. There may be children watching.

And no I didn't watch mad Gordo last night. I can't bear to look at him. It's even worse when he smiles.

Really scary.And what you see is what you get.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Dave, it is easy for me, since I do not have a tv, but even given the opportunity, I would not bother.