What's new in the undie world? That's what I want to know. Apparently there is a new survey out that shows that men are not altogether keen on seeing ladies in red underwear, and overwhelmingly prefer black. For once, I seem to be with the majority then.


Hamish said...

Black is so boring.
I much prefer red, though my favourite is polka dots.

Good to have you back WW, but the new pic looks rather aggressive.

Do ask Mrs W to proof-read;
she would pick up 'this phenomena' and 'beaurocracy', I'm sure.

Clams Linguini said...

Don't ask me about my business, WW, never ask me about my business.

Oh, wait, you said undie world. OK. Whaddya gonna do?

Any of those rats try undying on me is gonna wish they'd never been born.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Hamish, Mrs Weasel is often two busy. She had enough problums heleping me with the chicken kievs tonight, and I neely gave up in tears.

Clams, you expect me to rat you out. I never ratted on nobody. Maybe you do wear suspenders, but not the kind I mean. And even if you did, then sure I would still compliment you on your smart dress sense, and maybe I would wear them too so you don't think I am a wise ass.

Clams Linguini said...

The cop had him right where he wanted him - in a low-income bracket.

Listen up Weasel, you got lucky this time - you tell the feds that them holes is just because you asked for some air and there won't be no arguments.