I have a very disorganised method when it comes to blog posts, but I am aware that quite a few people visit the blog on a regular basis, which is quite astonishing. As an experiment, I would like to know what people like about it, or not. I do this because it is clear that I am no longer just ranting to myself and also that the interaction between me and my readers is very stimulating. It would be good to get a wider readership, since that in itself has a positive impact to a point. Anyway, if you have the time and the inclination, please do the little survey on the left.
The person with the most creative advice wins a copy of my long out-of-print best selling book "Picking up Girls Made Easy"

While you are doing the survey, here is some music to put you in the mood..

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Jim Baxter said...

I've been the subject of restraining orders won by nicer-looking girls than those.

This is not intended to be advice, therefore, since the prize you advertise is obviousy superfluous in my case.

The prescience of ‘Star Trek’ (TOS) is frequently pilloried by experts in various disciplines, and self-regarding fatsos with no discipline who love the sound of their own adiposity-strangled gurgling when they try to speak, all of whom claim to be to identify serious logical paradoxes in many of the show’s plot devices. The standard rejoinder to such objections – ‘it’s a show, you grotesque twat’ should not obscure the epistemological advances which may be gained by overtly suspending the suspension of disbelief and considering some of these putative paradoxes in some detail.
Most obvious of these is the ludicrous portrayal if the gorgeous Nichelle Nichols kissing the stale-martini breathed blowhard that was Willam Shatner in his relative youth. Attempts to explain this as a drug induced encounter between the characters and therefore artistic licence, a triumph of the acting craft, fail in the sight of the obvious impossibility of a talented singer and actress risking her career and permanent ridicule in such a way. It must therefore be concluded that the actress herself was drugged.

Of more pertinent consideration is the theory advanced by authors such as Grant & Naylor, and Groening and Cohen, that the frequent punctuations of the story by a ‘Captains Log - star date’... or ‘Supplemental’ to reorient the putrescent TV audience to the plotline following ‘messages’, had been written by Rodenberry, Harlan Ellison, and others, as ‘Captain’s Blog’ but Shatner was too pissed ever to notice, much less say it, thereby losing the world the only known prediction of the Internet from the 1960s amidst a plethora of moonbases, hovercars, and psychopathic artifical intelligence.