Those Frenchies

The Frogs (whoops, that's a bit ooh, a bit er) have been branded racists. And in other news, the Pope..

According to the Daily Mail, the French Rail company, SNCF, are embroiled in a row over a poster they displayed in stations, warning passengers to look out for Romanians, who may be hanging around waiting to steal from them. Well, that's no way to speak about fellow members of the EU is it? The poster translates thus:

Translated into English, it reads: 'Over the past few weeks there have been worries with Romanians.
‘Indeed, a number of bag thefts have been noted.
‘We ask you to re-double your vigilance. Besides, all sightings of Romanians must be reported.'

How do you spot a Romanian? Actually, it is not as difficult as it looks, at least, it is not difficult to spot all the scum of the earth, particularly people from former East European countries, who congregate around many of the railway stations in France and Switzerland, for the sole purpose of stealing from you, asking for money, or dealing in drugs.

One of the many benefits of our wonderful multicultural Europe.


Clams Linguini said...

Why are the big streets in Paris, France, lined with trees? So the Germans can be more comfortable marching in the shade.

Bet none of you heard that one before.

Jen said...

That's weird. My brain read "Romulan" instead of "Romanian". They should be easy to spot with bumpy foreheads.

Kidding aside, it reminded me of how insanely PC it is here in the States. If, say, NYC Transit posted something of this nature, the outcry would be astounding.