Value from the Railway

I live about 500 yards from the East Coast main railway line. (stalkers take note). One of my hobbies is watching the trains go by. Due, presumably, to the comings and going of the franchises, companies have difficulty keeping up with the change of livery. Often, the paint job seems to consist of the ex-franchisees name blanked out, but of late, I have noticed a new corporate identity that looks remarkably like the Tesco Value brand.
If anybody has any pictures of this phenomena, please get in touch. Anonymity assured, or hat-tip, according to ego.

I suppose this must be it:


Jalopy said...

It was a pity when they got rid of GNER. The dining carriage and wifi were great. On my occasional trips to England I used to go for the cooked breakfast with REAL plates and cutlery and nice coffee with REAL milk. Last time I was on the East Coast line (can't remember which company it was that week) I got a hideous wet roll with boiled bacon in it which had been microwaved and coffee with 2mls of UHT milk. I couldn't even amuse myself with the internet because they'd stopped the wifi. Terrible times. Tesco Value is too good for 'em.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Welcome Jalopy!

Your description of the "bacon roll" was generous.

I used to travel on trains when I was younger and always made sure I could eat in the dining car, in the days of white linen and immaculate, brylcreemed stewards who were always ex-servicemen who clearly thought I needed a hair cut, but never said so in words.