Weasel certainly understood the dialectic of neo-textual society

The world of Glen Baxter is worth revisiting from time to time. Baxter's retro juxtapositions of genre, with their wonderful camp renditions of 30's boys adventure illustrations and absurd captions always brought a smile to my face. And of course, he is still going strong, and his work is published all over the world.

There are things out there that are real, and possibly dafter, such as this gem, which is apparently quite genuine:

The caption reads "see if you don't make out a pair of wires going down over the edge of the bluff"

(Glenn Baxter images reproduced with permission)


Anonymous said...

Your poll

"What do you enjoy the most on this blog?"

Now I really know.

Glen Baxter

Pure, Dead, Brilliant!

Jim Baxter said...

There's an American cartoonist with a similar take on things - I don't mean Gary L. I recall a picture, called 'Wing Dining' of a Douglas Dakota with a dinner table - cover and all - dinner-dressed people sitting at it - waiter in attendance - all set up on the port wing (it would have to be), as they all fly above the clouds. The caption was something like:

'Hemingway always said that the best table was the one between the engines, out of the prop-wash'.

If anyone knows his name I'd be pleased.

wv: pollneds. Result: aw rite ma man, aw right, ya trumpet.